VW ID.3 Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

Volkswagen’s all-electric family hatchback…the ID.3. Read our full review below.

Over the next few years, Volkswagen will unveil a whole raft of electric cars. This is the first one…the ID.3. Why give it the number 3? Because Volkswagen rate this as the third most important car in their history alongside the Beetle and the Golf. The ID.3 replaces the e-Golf. No surprise therefore to find that if you are looking for an electric car which is about the same size as a Golf with the same interior room as a Golf, the VW ID.3 will fit the bill.  

Does it perform well?

The ID.3 is rear wheel drive. The electric motor is under the boot and the battery is under the passenger compartment. All models are quick. The most powerful version hits 60mph in a shade over 7 seconds. The battery range is one of the best around with the potential of up to 336 miles available on cars with a bigger battery. All have the potential for 260 miles. Find a rapid charger and you’ll be able to recharge up to 80 per cent in 35 minutes. 

How does it drive?

Thanks to the sizeable battery being slung under the car, the ID.3 has a low centre of gravity. This makes for really good handling. If you enjoy your driving and like to have a few ‘spirited’ adventures, you’ll love the ID.3. It provides serious fun. It’s incredibly quiet too with just a gentle hum coming from the motor. As with all electric cars, you have 100 per cent power as soon as you touch the accelerator. You zoom away from a standing start. Thanks to no bulky engine up front, there is a really small turning circle which is great in towns. 

What's the interior of the VW ID.3 like?


In many respects this is a classic family hatchback. Roomy and comfortable. The seats in the back are higher than those in the front so great visibility for rear passengers.

On the dashboard there are two screens. The one behind the steering wheel gives you your speed, sat nav details and range, while the screen in the middle is for the air conditioning, audio including DAB radio and voice control, Bluetooth, navigation and rear view camera. There’s also heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors, and powered windows and exterior mirrors. This level of kit comes with every ID.3 which we think is really impressive.

Passenger space is good. Three adults can sit in the back and there’s heaps of room for children. It also comes loaded with safety kit. 

What's the verdict on the VW ID.3?

Thanks to the really good range and spacious boot, the ID.3 will double-up nicely as school run taxi, family holiday holdall and commuter shuttle. It’s lively, great fun to drive with nimble handling and is fully kitted out. As a family sized electric car, the Volkswagen ID.3 is one of the best. 

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