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Volkswagen car subscriptions have increased in popularity over the last year due to the great value, and quality of these vehicles. 

Volkswagen was first developed in the late thirties in Germany as a “people’s car,” and they are responsible for some of the most iconic cars and vans out there. The Beetle (or Bug), Transporter, Golf, Passat, and Polo are all instantly recognisable VW models.

Things have moved on somewhat from those long-ago days when only a handful of Volkswagen vehicles were available. Nowadays, you can choose from a full range of hatchbacks, saloons, convertibles, EVs, SUVs, and more. If you’re wondering, those original classics, the Transporter and the Beetle, are still around too, but they have been supercharged for the 21st century.

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Until recently, owning a car has been the norm. Buyers go to forecourts and dealerships, test drive the car they like, and take out a finance option to cover the initial cost. The trouble is that all vehicles depreciate in soon after they leave the forecourt.

A Volkswagen car subscription is different. A car subscription sits between renting and leasing the vehicle. You pay a monthly fee, the same as you would for a digital streaming service, and you have full rights and access to the vehicle.

All you have to do is add fuel, and you’re on the road. A subscription service also gives you maintenance costs, roadside assistance, and lots more thrown in for good measure.

Our range includes, the Golf 8 and the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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