VW Golf 8 Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

Wolfsburg is a city in Northern Germany situated roughly midway between the Dutch and Polish borders. 

Somewhere within that city you’ll find a really brave person. 

They are the person who finally signs their name on a bit of paper which gives the go-ahead for production to begin of the latest Volkswagen Golf. 

The Golf has been around for 46 years and worldwide it's the third highest selling car of all time and the latest generation Golf, the eighth one, is the one you see here. 

Volkswagen have perfected the knack of producing a new Golf without being too radical, yet making it sufficiently different. In other words, you just need a swift glance to know this is a Golf, but once you look closer and climb inside, you’ll know that it’s very 2020s. The nose is slimmer and the grille blends into the headlights. There’s a styling crease along the waistline. At the back the roof slopes away to a narrower rear screen and natty LED taillights. 

We have a selection of Golfs available at Wagonex, but this one is a great all-rounder. It’s the Golf Life.

On every Golf, almost everything is controlled via a 10-inch central colour TFT screen. This is where you’ll find the DAB radio, sat nav, climate control and web contact features. Every Golf also comes with Car2X, a really clever piece of kit where cars ahead of you warn you of hazards automatically, and motorway matrix signs also link into the system. Neat huh?

You get stylish alloy wheels, electrically heated and controlled mirrors, height adjustment to the front seats, adaptive cruise control, and ten choices for the ambient lighting. 

Power comes from a four-cylinder 130bhp petrol engine. 0-60mph takes a shade over 9 seconds and, where allowed, you can go on to a top speed of 133mph. The gearbox is a 6-speed manual. As for economy, you shouldn’t have any trouble cracking 50mpg. 

Out on the road, it’s a Golf through and through, so that means it handles really well, soaking up lumps and bumps yet still offering a keen driver the chance for some fun. Inside, it’s roomy and comes with a seriously premium feel. 

And it’ll be extremely safe and reliable. 

The 8th generation of the Volkswagen Golf. Better in every way than the previous version, which means it’s still one of the best cars available... anywhere.

Unlock the benefits of subscribing to a Volkswagen.

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