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Car subscription software made simple with our intuitive SaaS platform.

Join the growing subscription market with our subscription platform. Our technology offers seamless inventory management, a digital and mobile-first customer journey plus ready-to-go integrations for payments, ID verification and credit. All in your own branding!

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Trusted by the biggest names in the automotive industry

Why car subscription?

Significant Growth Market

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicts that subscription could reach £33billion across the UK and US by 2030 that's up to 15% of new car sales!

The Power of Flexibility

Consumer research conducted by Wagonex revealed almost a quarter (24%) no longer own their own car and 81% would consider car subscription.

Additional Revenue Stream

Subscription works alongside other methods of finance or ownership for your business. You could grow revenue and attract a new type of customer.

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Why choose Wagonex?

Wagonex was founded in 2016 and is the longest standing UK subscription platform. We are dedicated to growing the subscription industry alongside a number of committed partners.

What can we do for you?

  • Optimise Your Fleet: Maximise utilisation of your existing fleet for enhanced ROI.

  • Tech-Proof Your Future: Eliminate technical risks with our tried and tested platform.

  • Provide Regulation Assurance: Partner with an authorised and regulated business for peace of mind.

  • Strategic Growth: Work with Wagonex  for subscription expertise and unmatched growth.

  • Streamline Operations: Create business efficiencies and reduce manual processes with our digital solution.

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Wagonex subscription software
Today's solution, tomorrow's scalability

Are you in the automotive industry looking to adopt the subscription model?
We can help you with our proven technology.

Rental & Leasing

If you're an established leasing, contract hire or rental business here's how subscription can help you:

  • Create an additional customer offering

  • Prepare for growth with our scalable subscription solution

  • Maximise your existing brand  

Our platform has the ability to work with existing processes. Use our proven and trusted technology to create an additional revenue stream for your business.

If you're an OEM here's how subscription can help you:

  • Introduce a new revenue stream

  • Create a Direct to Consumer channel

  • Digitise your customer journey

Get all of this with little impact to your existing processes, as our platform is capable of working with existing integrations if required. Use our proven and trusted technology to scale and grow with ease.

If you're a car dealership here's how subscription can help you:

  • Harness the power your existing brand with an online journey

  • Create another channel for your customers

  • Achieve a quick route to market with our 'off the shelf' technology

Give your customers a more flexible alternative to traditional ownership and keep the customer for longer.

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Interested in our marketplace?

List on

A quick and easy route to market via the marketplace where you can utilise your existing fleet to reach in-market customers.

Omni-channel approach

Introduce a new proposition to your existing audience with your own platform and find new customers through the marketplace.

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