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Huge rise in green cars despite 2020 struggles

The latest figures are optimistic for a greener future as we move into 2021. Despite a challenging year for the the UK car industry which has seen sales drop by 30%, costing over £20bn, in 2020, ...

Car Subscription, News & Views

Revving up the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is at a crossroads. Over the last five years we have seen some of the most ...

Car Subscription

Benefits of a Wagonex Subscription

Subscription has transformed many industries over the last decade and is set to make owning a vehicle a thing ...

Car Subscription

What is Car Subscription?

We are often asked what car subscription is, and how it works. Car subscription is a midpoint between owning, ...

Car Subscription, People & Platform

Green Vehicles with Wagonex

At Wagonex, we’re committed to the electric vehicle revolution, making sure that we offer a range of green ...

Car Subscription

Delivery and Collection

Let’s talk about Delivery and Collection of Wagonex vehicles, something which we work extremely closely with ...

Car Subscription

How does Car Subscription work?

Subscription is something which has emerged relatively recently but is now a core part of many people’s ...

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