It’s not just the Easter Bunny that finds itself especially busy at certain times of the year!

All over the country, businesses from chocolatiers to DIY suppliers are experiencing a seasonal spike in demand.

It’s a scenario which is replicated throughout the year. Spare a thought for florists on Valentine’s and Mothers’ Day, fancy dress suppliers at Halloween, and practically every business under the sun from Black Friday to Christmas.

The point is that for most businesses, demand isn’t constant. It goes up and it goes down. And virtually every business will have one or two times a year when demand skyrockets.

When it comes to vehicles, this kind of seasonal fluctuation can be a nightmare.

No business owner would want to invest in new vehicles only to see them sit under-utilised for 48 weeks of the year. Every minute a van sits idle rather than working it’s costing money. And subscription offers the perfect solution to this age old problem..

Our short-term, super flexible subscriptions allow businesses to add additional vehicles as and when they need them… effectively allowing them to turn additional resources on and off like a tap.

Ordering a new vehicle takes a matter of minutes and in most cases the vehicle you order can be delivered to your business within days. Even the insurance, breakdown, and maintenance is taken care of, making subscription a truly hassle-free and customer-friendly experience.

If you operate a seasonal business and would like to find out more about how Wagonex could help you cope better with demand, browse our range of available cars and vans or contact our team if you have a specific vehicle in mind.

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