Best Electric SUVs Available for Car Subscription in 2022


We’ll be showing you the top 5 best Electric SUVs available on Subscription. 

We’ll go through them from 1 to 5, and give you some reasons why you should consider them the next time you’re looking for an Electric SUV that does the job! 

Best Electric SUVs Available for Car Subscription in 2022

On each car we'll cover:

  • How it drives 
  • Touchscreen
  • What’s bad
  • What’s uniquely good.
  • Charging times, and range. 
  • Review scores

Why subscribe to an EV? 


What’s more fun than driving? 

On subscription you can have a car for a month to 24 months and pretty much anywhere else in between. It's never been easier to get the car you want, at the time that's right for you. 

EVs have brought a lot of eyes in to the automotive industry, with many people, organisations, and governments relying on these companies to succeed, and truly make EVs popular in the UK and beyond, and it's clear to see it's working. 

This has pushed manufacturers to seize the opportunity for the next generation of sustainable drivers, and created the most exciting battles between OEMs to get the quickest charge times, the widest range, the best looks, and the finest features. 

EVs are changing at a rapid pace


Just last month Mercedes announced that the new EQC will have a 1000k, or 700-mile range. That’s triple the range of the first Tesla which came out in 2008. 

It’s great that EVs are becoming even better, but the benefits aren't realised for the general public. We're seeing that EVs are becoming popular, but there are still million of people that want to drive an EV and go green, but know they won't be able to, or don't want an EV that is useless compared to the newer-generation EVs

Here are some of the reasons for that: 

  • Lack of flexible options to get an EV. 
  • Too expensive, and a lack of budget options. A basic Renault Zoe, seen as a cheaper EV, costs almost £30,000.
  • Lack of education on how to use an electric car.
  • If you want to sell an EV, you can expect to wait three or four times longer than with an ICE car. 
  • No used car market that helps drivers buy cars for a cheaper price. 

Alternatively, when you subscribe to a car, you tear down that barrier to entry that EVs have become synonymous with. You pay nowhere near the same as buying, and unlike with an expensive lease, our deposit is refundable.


Ditch the test drive, get a month’s subscription instead


Considering the complexity of our day-to-day lives, adding more confusion (like where to charge, how to charge, or range anxiety) feels like a step too far for most people, but none of these issues will be answered in a 20 minutes spin round the block.

Car subscription gives drivers an easier way to get used to an EV before you buy, if you even want to. Price is ultimately important to everyone, and a subscription gives you a trial run in an EV at a fraction of the cost. 

Ditch the rushed test drive, take your time with a month’s subscription instead.

So here's your Top 5 Best Electric SUVs available on subscription.


Hyundai Ioniq 5 


hyundai-ioniq-5-launch-charging-1_Content Banner Desktop

The Ioniq 5 is exactly how you would imagine an electric car would look. Its outlandish architecture really turns heads due to its unique, spaceship style look.  

The shape is very boxy, but for an SUV that's to be expected. It's not the most attractive car in the world, for me personally it’s a very niche look. Usually, you expect cars to be more art than tech, but in this car it’s all about the tech. 

What makes this car unique?


This car becomes something totally different at night, it’s got a light bar across the rear and front of the car that literally makes you feel like you’re in a batmobile, as well as making your vision a lot clearer because the bar lights up the entire road in front of you.

And even the rear headlights are optimised, they have two blocks on either side that look like a retro arcade game. Safe to say, the Ioniq 5 is a winner in the headlight department.

Check out this video to see how it looks at night:


What’s bad about this car?


The looks of this car will either leave you with an amazing impression or a terrible one. So the looks will be a huge stumbling block for most.


Range, and charging times


Range: 220 miles 

Rapid charge up to 80% in 50 minutes.

Full charge in around 6 hours. 


The touchscreen is easy to use, but it isn't exactly what you'd expect from a car that looks like it's from 2049. Its simplicity will appeal.


WhatCar?: 4/5 

Auto Trader: 5/5


Hyundai Kona Electric 

Hyundai Kona Car Subscription

This is an SUV that’s playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously, matching high performance with an economical car that has all the features you need at a lower price.

With a big boot, long range, spacious interior, and a focus on the driving experience, I would ask if there’s anything more you could want from a SUV?

What makes this car unique?


The best part of this car is its price and overall effectiveness. At £520 a month it makes the decision to subscribe to this car pretty simple if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to a BMW X3 or a Tesla Model Y. This car holds its own for less. 

What’s bad about this car?


The look of the Kona isn't exactly exciting, it’s certainly closer to the boring end of the scale. 

Range, and charging times 


Range: 300 miles 

Rapid charge up to 80% in 54 minutes.

Full charge in around 4 hours, 50 minutes. 




No terrible surprises here, which is a good thing. It has everything you need: climate control, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity with Android, or Apple CarPlay. It’s simple to use, but it’s not fun. 



WhatCar?: 4/5

Auto Trader: 4/5

The full review of the Hyundai Kona Electric is here.


Jaguar I-PACE


Jaguar I-Pace Car Subscription

Everything about this car is new: it’s got that distinctive look that you just don’t get in most traditional fuel cars. It's Jaguar’s first EV and it’s top, top quality. This SUV adds a completely new look to the standard sleek frame of a Jag, giving you the impression that there’s some extra ‘armour’ added to it. 

What makes this car unique?


This SUV is comfy, fast, and has pinpoint turning. It’s comfier than the Tesla Model Y. Granted, it’s not as quick, but it feels so much better when you’re going round bends and corners.

The Model Y might struggle a little on small roundabouts because of its wide turning circle but not this Jaguar, its handling is superb. 

What’s bad about this car? 


For a car that's got such elegant interior design, and built as a long range cruiser, the infotainment system is really quite dull. Similar to a lot of new-ish electric cars, it feels rather pointless to have a touchscreen which doesn't add anything to the car, which is a missed opportunity.

Range, and charging times


Range: 222 miles 

Rapid charge up to 80% in 45 minutes.

Full charge in around 9 hours. 


Ultimately it's very basic. You can do what's needed, like sat-nav or a Bluetooth connection but nothing special.



Top Gear: 8/10 

Auto Express: 5/5 

WhatCar?: 4/5

Read our review of the I-PACE here.



BMW iX3 Car Subscription


If you want to go big with an SUV, but still like to handle an urban environment, the BMW X3 could be one to try. It has all the jagged curves so you know  you're driving a BMW, in fact it’s a copy of the X3. This does have the downside of a needless grille that they’ve kept without a functional reason for it, but it does make it look more like a traditional car.

What makes this car unique?


It looks just like your standard petrol BMWs. Lots of people liked the look of petrol cars, but actually don’t like the new look of some EVs, which was a big reason for it being an updated electric version of the X3. 

What’s bad about this car? 


If you want to have a car that's more ready for off-road, this isn’t it. It's only available in RWD, not 4WD, meaning it’ll certainly have less grip when wet, or you're off the beaten track. It's up to you whether that's an issue, as it won’t be for many.

Range, and charging times


Range: 300 miles 

Rapid charge up to 80% in 60 minutes.

Full charge in around 8 hours minutes. 



The touchscreen has limited functionality, it’s basically a bigger sat-nav. Compared to your average electric car today, it’s small, but if you prefer a simple approach, you’ll like this car. 


How it Drives


This BMW is a good mid-point between the Model Y and Jaguar I-PACE, it’s quicker than the Jag and slower than the Tesla but a lot more relaxing to drive: there are no unpleasant surprises over bumps, and it’s deceptively quiet. 

You won't expect a huge throttle in this car, although it can if you want to push it. It goes from 0-60 in about 5.8 seconds. 



WhatCar? 4/5

Auto Car: 4/5


Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Car Subscription

This Tesla is a beefier version of the Model 3, it’s got more space and a higher roofline. You can comfortably fit two passengers in the back. Tesla knows that SUVs are quickly becoming the most popular cars, and has built the Model Y accordingly.


Tesla came into the Automotive world with an engineering-first approach, and it's clear in every single one of their cars. Few other brands can compete with them on their infotainment systems; From the voice assistant that actually works, to the clean GPS system, and the screen that fits perfectly in the car. You can play games, watch Netflix, or change your horn sound.

What makes this car unique?

Everything is unique in this car. It’s one of the first all-electric SUVs with this level of tech. It’s got a huge range, with a quick 0-60. 

It’s a fast car. There’s no tip-toeing around this one, but if you want a typical family car to drive the kids to and from school there’s little point in the speed. 

Even people who don't see the value in the technology will be intrigued by 'Sentry Mode', where your Tesla's motion detectors will sense if there's movement near your car. If the sensors confirm there’s something not right, the car will start recording and even send you the video to your phone. 

What’s bad about this car?

Regrettably, it has quite cheap material alongside the doors, dashboard and back seats. Given that this is a luxury option, that could annoy some people. It’s also not your typical SUV if you want something that has a higher-driving position, a softer ride, or a big boxy look. 

Range, and charging times

Range: 315 miles 

Rapid charge up to 80% in 20 minutes.

Full charge in around 7 hours minutes. 

How it Drives

If you’re expecting a comfortable experience driving this car it might be a bit of a shock to you as you discover it drives more like a sports car than your typical family car SUV. The ride isn’t as comfy as a BMW iX3 or Jaguar I-PACE, but it’s quicker than the competition. 



WhatCar? 4/5 

Auto Trader 5/5 


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