Plug & Play with the Jaguar I-PACE


Did you know that by 2025 every Jaguar which rolls off the assembly lines will be electric powered? First up is the Jaguar i-Pace. This is one of the best and most versatile SUVs on the market and we love it here at Wagonex. The fact that it’s Jaguar’s first attempt at an all-electric family car is quite an achievement. Future models should be fantastic. 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. Top speed 124 mph and a range of up to 286 miles. Impressive figures. 

Flick it into ‘drive’, press the throttle and rocket off the line. Remember, with electric cars you have 100 percent power instantly. No revs to build. No gears to change. Driving has never been so simple. 

On motorways, this electric Jag is an effortless cruiser and, thanks to electric power, you waft along in near silence with only some wind noise and tire rumble for company. On the twisty stuff, it handles brilliantly. Having hefty batteries slung under the passenger compartment keeps the weight distribution nice and low. It’ll even cope with mild off-roading as the all-wheel-drive comes as standard.

The Jaguar i-Pace is roomy, comfortable, and well equipped with climate control, sat-nav, LED headlights, heated windscreen, parking sensors, and a really clever bit of kit called Pivi-Pro which allows you to download apps, stream music, and even connect two smartphones for hands-free calling. The audio system, which includes DAB radio, is a powerful Meridian system. The Wagonex Jaguar i-Pace also has a sunroof and leather upholstery. 

Of course, at some point, you’ll need to charge the battery. By using the charger you find at motorway service areas, you can get a rapid charge of up to 78 miles within about 15 minutes. You can do a 0-80% charge in 30 minutes. With a potential range of 286 miles, most of you will be able to charge the Jaguar i-Pace on a Sunday night and be okay until the following weekend. 

Great family transportation or work commuter-mobile. 

Looks fabulous too. 

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