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Ford Puma Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

The New Ford Puma is not to be Overlooked

Well, here’s a first. We’ve never had a car at Wagonex which has a hole in the boot floor. 

The idea is that if you have muddy wellies, filthy coats, or a dog that’s been in the river, or perhaps you’ve been with the kids to the beach, you can rinse off the boot floor and then remove a bung to let the dirty water drain away. 

And if the seats start to look a bit grubby, well just unzip the covers and put them in the washing machine. 

Why did nobody else think of that?

The Puma is great to drive. This comes as no surprise because it has the same underpinnings as the brilliant Fiesta. In a nutshell, Ford has taken the Fiesta, given it a compact SUV body, made sure it has five doors, plenty of interior space, and a stack of standard equipment. 

The Puma ST Line is the best looking model in the range. As well as satellite navigation, air con, Bluetooth, DAB radio, rear parking sensors, powered windows and mirrors, cruise control and a smart 8-inch colour touchscreen, you also get a body kit, bigger alloys, sports seats, tuned suspension, powerful LED headlights, heated windscreen and a comprehensive list of safety kit. If you’re a keen driver, you’ll love it. The Puma handles really well. 

Under the bonnet, there’s a 3-cylinder 1.0 litre 153bhp petrol engine which has mild hybrid assistance that improves performance without affecting the economy. 0-60 takes 8.5 seconds, top speed is 124mph. Go easily and you’ll crack 50mpg. That’s a great blend of performance and economy. 

As a family-friendly all-rounder, the Ford Puma ST-Line is brilliant. 

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