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Tesla Model Y Review | How Does it Compare to the Model 3?

Ask anyone to name an electric car manufacturer and there’s a strong chance that they’ll say Tesla. A lot of folk scorned Elon Musk when he said that he was going to be a mass producer of electric cars….but he’s done it.

And they’re excellent.

The Tesla choice of vehicles is getting bigger and quality is continually improving.

Latest to arrive is the Tesla Model Y and it will probably rank as their most popular model.

We’ve got two. One is the Long Range model which develops 434bhp from a 324kW output and a Performance model which develops 483bhp from a 360kW output. Both come with all-wheel drive as standard. Needless to say that handling is excellent and performance is stunning.


What's the difference between the Model Y and 3? 

Although it’s largely based on the Model 3, the big advantage of the Model Y is that it’s an SUV hatchback which makes it really convenient and adaptable to use. It’s also longer and higher so it feels seriously roomy. The seats are comfy too.

You'll have more space in the Model Y, you'll go from 35.2 inches of leg room in the 3 and 40.5 in the Y. You'll also have an extra inch of ground clearance on the Y.

Who has the bigger boot? You can see the benefit of the extra space in the Model Y with boot space of 840 litres compared to 425 in the Model 3. 

When it comes to performance the Tesla 3 zooms ahead, with an extra 40-50 miles range and a faster 0-60 mph time.

The Long Range model Y gives an estimated range of 330 miles while the Performance version still manages close to 320 miles. Okay, those figures are for ideal conditions, but you should still manage at least 250 miles in wintery weather. 

Which one costs more? The Model Y costs around £5,000 more, so you can expect to pay slightly more for a car subscription than with the Model 3. 

Read our full review of the Model 3. 


Are the features good? 

As for kit, we shan’t list it because you get everything that you could possibly need. The vast majority of stuff is controlled via a huge touchscreen. You’ll struggle to find a button or switch anywhere. 

When you sign up to join the Tesla family, all the cars have regular updates on the operating system so you're always up to date with the best features Tesla can offer, regardless of which one you go for.

 If you want to get a Tesla but practicality is a priority for you, The Model Y could be the sensible choice. 

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