Mercedes C-Class Coupe Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

Smart, sleek and hugely desirable. The full review of the Mercedes C Class Coupe. 

First Impressions

This might be one of the smallest cars made by Mercedes but don’t assume that you miss out on the sort of style and build quality that you find higher up the range. There’s a seriously premium feel to the interior and we reckon it’s one of the most stylish cars around. It’ll look great on the drive home or in the company car park without being taken too ‘shouty’.  

The Interior

The interior is pure unadulterated luxury. With a relatively small touchscreen, they’ve done well to design an interior that refreshes the look of a Mercedes M-class from the 2000s with all the modern features you’d want in 2022.  

A lot of people will be happy they haven’t used touch buttons on the steering wheel, instead they use real buttons, so you won’t be getting distracted on the road when you turn on the left and right indicators by accident. 

The Features 

Our C-Class Coupé is a stunning 300d AMG Line Premier Edition. Power comes from a 2.0 litre diesel engine which produces 245bhp and gives you effortless motoring. 

50mpg should be easily achievable thanks to the 9-speed automatic gearbox which switches cogs seamlessly. It’s one of the smoothest ‘boxes we’ve ever tried. 

Occupants will also appreciate the seriously high level of standard equipment which includes leather upholstery, sat nav, reversing camera, 10.25-inch touchscreen, DAB radio and automatic climate control.

O-60? 6.1 seconds. 

Top speed? 153 mph 

And to top things off we’ve gone for all-wheel drive 4Matic transmission. 

In other words this is one of the highest mechanical specs you can get in the C-Class Coupé. 

The Trim

And we’ve had a similar idea when choosing the trim level for you. We’ve gone for the highly desirable AMG trim and completed the level of equipment by adding the Premier Edition upgrade option.  

Is it Practical?

The C-Class Coupé is a four-seater. There’s plenty of room for four adults and they’ll all ride in comfort because the 300d C-Class is set-up for smooth travel. The front seats in particular are deep and hugging. 

If you want a super-sleek, super-stylish, premium quality car, this stunning Mercedes C-Class Coupé ticks all of the boxes. 

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