The short answer is yes, but it depends on multiple factors which we will talk about in this article. Credit checks are completely normal for renting, leasing and financing a vehicle. Although subscribing isn’t buying a vehicle, you are agreeing to a contract that is based on the value of that vehicle. A credit check helps you and our partners select a car that you can afford. 

Read on to learn more about what your credit score should be if you are looking to use a car subscription. 

We’ll go through these topics: 

  • Why do you need a good credit score for a subscription?
  • What credit score is likely to be accepted? 
  • How do you check your credit score?
  • Why do you need a credit check before you can subscribe to a car? 


Why do you need a good credit score for a car subscription? 

You need a good credit score because it’s the best way for a car provider to understand your finances. It's standard procedure in the automotive industry as a way to assess the affordability of each customer. 

You only need to start with a refundable deposit, so it’s even more important that we verify your affordability because it's the responsibility of all of our providers to ensure their customers can afford the car they are ordering. 

What credit score is likely to be accepted? 

There is no 'magic' number that will always get passed.

Although it can vary from supplier to supplier the minimum is usually 620. However, we've had customers with excellent credit scores get rejected based on other factors. So in some cases, your credit score won't be the only reason you're accepted or rejected. 

Experian ranks credit scores in to poor, fair, good or excellent. Listed below are the ratings you need: 

Poor is lower than 721

Fair credit rating is 721 - 880 

Good is 881 to 960 

Excellent is 961 to 999

If you are in the poor bracket, it might be difficult to get a car on subscription, depending on the price point you are going after. 

With a fair rating, it will be more likely that you are accepted. 

With a good to excellent score, you can subscribe to the large majority of cars on our platform, but there could still be some exceptions. 

To remind you again, your credit score isn't the only indicator our suppliers use. it's the best way for our partners to assess the affordability for the majority of people. Your credit score is just a number to assess if you've historically always paid off your debts. We understand that you might have just changed jobs, had a financial event change your bank statement, or have more income that isn't covered in your credit score, that's why our suppliers use other factors to gauge your affordability.

So, if this sounds like you, don't be disheartened. You might be still be able to get the car you want on subscription. 

If you have a lower credit rating, go to this blog for some tips on how to ‘juice’ your credit score prior to getting a car. 

How to check your credit score? 

A completely free and easy way to check your credit score is by using Experian’s free credit check tool.

Why do you need a credit check before you can subscribe to a car? 

A car is an asset that loses value as soon as it’s driven off the forecourt. All of our cars are under warranty, so our partners need to know that when they send over the vehicle that you’ll stay on top of payments. Doing it this way ensures you can afford the car you’re subscribed to and our partners are happy to supply the vehicle to you. 

If you are worried about failing a credit check, read this article. 

If you want to know more about why we require a credit check.

If you have any questions about your credit score, please speak to a member of our team in the live chat. Which you can see in the bottom right corner.

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