You need a car and quick, but what’s the best option for you? 

In this guide, you’ll learn the main differences between car subscription, and car rentals. You’ll know based on your needs and preferences what’s suited to you, from how long you need a car to what car you want. Keep reading so you know all your options when you’re next in the market for a car. 

You need a car and you need it quick. However, you don’t just want any old car. You want one that you personally chose, that’ll serve a purpose and be exactly what you need. Oh, and you’d like a particular brand because that’s what you’ve always had or fancy trying. And with the arrival of new and amazing EVs on the market, maybe you want to try before you buy?

You’ll also have a rough idea of how long you need it for and how many miles you’ll be doing.

In the past, you’ve always used car rental firms, but now there’s a new way to drive away in the car you really want and at the price, you want to pay. So how will win? Find out below!

What are the differences between car rental and a car subscription?


One big difference between car subscriptions and traditional car rentals is the duration. There’s generally a maximum length for a rental term, a couple of weeks to several months, whereas a car subscription is designed to be totally flexible around your needs. So, if you need a car for just a month, that’s not a problem. All you have to do is cancel at the end of the month and you’re done. Sorted.

However, with a car subscription, if you need to keep the car for a further month…no problem. How about you fancy a different car….again…no problem. Just swap it. Perhaps you’d like to see if an electric car would work for you. Why not take one on subscription for a couple of months and see how it goes. If you like it…keep it for longer. Or perhaps you fancy some wind in the hair motoring during the summertime in a convertible but would then like to switch to a 4x4 when the weather turns wintery. All of that is simple with Wagonex car subscription.

Okay, if you need a car for anything shorter than 2 weeks, such as a long weekend to go and see relatives at the other end of the country, renting would be your best option, but if you’re in need of a car for a month or longer then car subscription will be your best bet.


With Wagonex car subscription the price is straight-forward and easy to understand. Nothing is hidden. All you do is put in the fuel or, if you’re going green, charge the battery. The price you see includes insurance, breakdown cover, roadside assistance and all servicing costs. It’s a comprehensive package that gives you a simple, stress-free experience. We also include a small refundable deposit.

Using a car subscription is much cheaper than using multiple short rental periods. Remember, with the majority of car rental firms, the price you see will be for the use of the car for a certain period. You will invariably then have to add insurance and breakdown cover. You will also have to pay a deposit. In other words, don’t just look at the price of renting the car…check out the entire package and don’t forget to take into account that car rental companies are competing on price alone and try to make the money back from upselling insurance and breakdown cover.

Unexpected costs

When you come to pick up your pre-booked rental car, you may be told that they can’t provide you with the exact vehicle you wanted. You’ll then be offered an upgrade. The price will also be given an upgrade! This won’t happen if you use a car subscription service like Wagonex because you’ll only be charged once the car is delivered or picked up. We’re focused on a hassle-free service, where the only surprise is how quickly the car gets delivered!

Insurance Policy

Car Rental companies haven't got the best reputation for insurance policies, often luring customers in with a cheap price and then having pestering salesmen upselling them on more expensive packages after they’ve selected their vehicle. Some firms will make out you need to use their insurance package, which isn’t true.

Wagonex provides insurance options or allows you to use your own insurance, whichever is better for you. Wagonex will never hassle you to use our insurance providers as we use a digital online checkout, and we certainly have no incentive for you to use any particular insurance package.

Range available

Car rental: 

  • Car rental firms don’t have the most up to date models and some of their cars have already had a hard life and racked-up the miles.
  • You can’t select a specific model, you might get asked you can get a ”ford focus or similar”
  • You can’t select from a range of colours, only standard colours.
  • There’ll only be a small range of trims and customisable features. Car hire firms will often offer something like satellite navigation or DAB radio….but you’ll have to pay extra.
  • The bigger firms will have a decent range of vehicle types such as SUVs, hatchbacks and saloon cars. Small firms won’t.
  • Limited range if you want an electric vehicle. 

Car subscription: 

  • Brand new cars and a huge range of models. In many cases, you will be the first driver. You can’t beat that ‘new car’ smell. 
  • Full range of the top brands, from BMW, Mercedes and Audi. 
  • A range of colours to choose from. 
  • A selection of trims, models and variants.
  • Complete range of fuel types, from electric, hybrid, diesel or petrol cars. 

Which is easier to use? 

Subscription wins. Wagonex will deliver the vehicle to your door and collect it if it requires servicing or maintenance. Everything is covered in a single monthly fee, you just focus on enjoying your brand new car. You don’t spend a minute longer faffing about with servicing or insurance costs because we provide you with everything you need in one simple checkout.

Wagonex has a completely paperless online checkout without any of the confusing terms and conditions you get from car rental companies. You can often be hit by hidden charges that come from the small print in car rental contracts, but you will never be charged outside your monthly subscription with Wagonex because we value our customers and we won’t be fulfilling our mission to make driving cars flexible, fair, and simple!

The best idea is to go onto our website…. Wagonex. Where you’ll find all of the cars, a rundown of the car’s main features like sat nav, leather upholstery, DAB etc…. and of course the all-important price. Don’t forget….the price is what you pay…there’s nothing else to add, apart from fuel.

Get the car you want at the price you want with a Wagonex car subscription.


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