BMW X7 Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

BMW X7 car review

Is there a better seven seater than the BMW X7?

Some cars blend in; some are totally anonymous and, let’s be honest, some are downright boring. You wouldn’t want one. 

Some are head turners; some have massive presence and, let’s be honest, some are exciting. You’d want one.

The BMW X7 is just that.

If you want a car that has incredible presence on the road, in the company car park or outside the restaurant, the X7 ticks all of the boxes. 

The Wagonex model is the BMW X7 X-Drive 40D M Sport. Under the bonnet you’ll find one of the world’s best engines…BMW’s 3.0 litre six cylinder diesel. It develops a whopping 340hp which means you have oodles amount of power. Don’t be fooled though, it will happily cruise along and gobble-up the miles. The fact that you can expect up to 36mpg shows how effortless cruising will be. 

However, if you are making full use of the seven seats or have the X7 jam packed full of equipment, you’ll still have sufficient power to cover vast distances without breaking sweat.

It's such a smooth ride, with epic suspension any bumps in the roads will feel like a pebble. 

The one thing that struck us about the X7 is that it has a bit of a Tardis effect. It’s incredible roomy inside but, despite its bulk, is remarkably easy to punt through traffic. Doing the school run won’t be a problem. 

We won't give you a run-down of what sort of kit you’ll find in the BMW X7 because we haven’t got enough space on the page. Needless to say that you get everything. You also get a seriously high level of safety equipment, which is reassuring, bearing in mind that the BMW X7 is likely to be used as family transportation or for taking friends on an outing. Build quality is peerless. 

Big SUV motoring doesn’t come any better than this.


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