So, what is car subscription and how does it work?

Car subscription is a midpoint between owning, leasing, and renting - retaining the benefits of each. For the full rundown, check out our article which fully explains how it all works here.

There are many benefits to subscription, however there are four which all of our customers say that they enjoy the most.

What is Car Subscription?

Car Subscription allows you to purchase a car with a more flexible and convenient approach. You have complete control over the length of your contract, and only pay a refundable deposit to get the car.

Our service offers them as short as a month to as long as 3 years. So that's the flexibility bit sorted, but in terms of convenience, the main selling point is that it's all-inclusive.

So all the bits and bobs that you usually have to pay for separately are in the subscription package. A car subscription has all these add-ons as standard: 

  • Free road tax 
  • Free servicing and MOTs 
  • Free repairs
  • Free roadside assistance and breakdown cover
  • Insurance can be included

This makes it possible for you to get the car you want without any added hassle. The dealership that supplied your vehicle will take care of you through the entire subscription. Never any confusion on hidden costs or where you should go for a service. Subscription has it all covered.

Then, we move to simplicity of swapping cars. When life throws a curve ball your way, or you've been swayed by the look of the newest car that's just been released, you can change car whenever you want to. 

You can read more about our cancellation policy here. We outline the process you need to change car whenever you wish. 

What are the benefits of using a car subscription?

The first is flexibility

The freedom to swap and change their car once a month is a gamechanger. You might also enjoy that subscription means that there is £0 in non-refundable deposits, and that the deposit which we do take is tiny in comparison to traditional ownership options.

Transparent pricing

Subscription also means that everything is transparent. All the fees which you would normally be responsible for, including roadside assistance, tax, MOT, and repairs are all included within your monthly price, so you know what you pay, when you pay, and aren’t met with any unwanted surprises. You just have to add fuel.

Delivered to your door or picked up at your local dealership

Once you’ve chosen your perfect vehicle, you have the option to collect it from one of our partners’ local dealerships, or you can have it delivered straight to your door with no hassle. Almost all of our vehicles should be delivered for free under 50 miles; whichever way you get your car, it’s all paperless so you just need to show ID, pick up the key, and start driving! Full details can be found .

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