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What Drivers Need to Subscribe to a Car

In recent years, the concept of car ownership has evolved, giving rise to a flexible and hassle-free alternative: car subscription. Car subscriptions allow you to enjoy the benefits of driving without the long-term commitment and financial burdens associated with traditional ownership or leasing. At Wagonex, we offer seamless access to various vehicles through our trusted partners. All of our subscription packages include the cost of the car, roadside assistance, road tax, maintenance, and servicing, further simplifying the process for drivers looking for convenience and flexibility. 

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Eligibility Criteria:
Before diving into the world of car subscriptions, it's essential to meet certain eligibility criteria. To subscribe to a vehicle through Wagonex, you must be at least 25 and free from any County Court Judgements (CCJs) within the last six years. Additionally, you must have a driving licence. As long as you have a full, valid UK driving license you can subscribe to one of our vehicles. If you have an overseas license, you can check your eligibility to drive in the UK by following this link. If your licence is eligible, you can also subscribe to one of our vehicles.


Application Process:
Once you've selected your chosen vehicle you'll need your credit or debit card, account number, sort code, driving licence and 3 years of address history to complete the request.

We prioritise transparency throughout the process, ensuring that any fees, including refundable deposits and additional delivery or admin charges, are clearly communicated before you commit to a vehicle.

Once you've submitted your vehicle request, you must verify your identity. We will then run a soft credit check to ensure you comply with our supplier's affordability criteria. Soft credit checks don’t impact your credit score. 

Learn more about why we run a credit check. 


Insurance Considerations:

At Wagonex, we've partnered with Veygo by Admiral to streamline the insurance process. During checkout, you are provided with an optional insurance quote tailored to your selected vehicle and the length of your subscription. Simply answer a few questions, and your insurance price will be displayed separately from your subscription cost.

If you prefer to arrange insurance independently, you're welcome to do so. However, it's important to note that you must purchase fully comprehensive insurance for the length of your subscription. Once your vehicle application is accepted, you'll need to provide a copy of the insurance certificate to the vehicle supplier.

It's worth noting that our insurance quote requires a full UK license. However, if you have an overseas license you can still subscribe to our vehicles. In such cases, securing insurance from another provider is necessary to start once your vehicle subscription is confirmed.

Learn more about how insurance works with a Wagonex subscription.


Now that you understand what you need to apply for a Wagonex car subscription, take a look at our diverse range of vehicles. Go on, join the car subscription revolution today! 


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