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The Best Apps For Locating Charging Stations

Electric car sales increased by a huge 186% in 2020, it’s clear that drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles and at Wagonex, we’ve seen a huge uptake in our all-electric options – with the ...

Vehicle Review

Your Business and Vauxhall - A Great Combo-nation

If you want a recommendation for a really good van, check out the ...

Vehicle Review

The Nissan Leaf - An Old Friend

The Nissan LEAF has been with us for 10 years and is the car that other small electric cars are measured ...

Vehicle Review

Ford Transit - An Icon Gets An Upgrade

The Ford Transit is the go-to medium size van for numerous companies. It’s the van against which all others ...

Vehicle Review

BMW i3 - An i For Detail

There’s no doubting that the BMW i3 is one of the most iconic cars out there. It looks unique and, in typical ...

Vehicle Review

With The Peugeot e-2008, It's a Numbers Game


Vehicle Review

Audi A6 Avant -Advantage Avant

Okay…we might be biased over here at Wagonex but the Audi A6 Avant TDi is one of our favourite cars here at ...

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