Suzuki Vitara Review | A Comprehensive Review by Wagonex

One of the most popular types of the cars right now are the SUV Crossovers. In other words, it’s a glorified 5-door hatchback that’s been given the look, and feel, of a 4x4. Give your humble hatchback a bit of attitude, create a lofty driving position, add some body kit and, bingo, you’re sorted. 

And to our eyes, it works. 

One of the best examples of this type of car is the Suzuki Vitara. It’s hugely popular here at Wagonex. 

Power comes from a four cylinder 1.4 litre petrol engine which develops 128bhp and gives you a 0-60 time of 9.5 seconds. Everything goes via a 6-speed manual gearbox with a small hybrid system to help the engine at lower revs, and a stop-start system when operating in town traffic. The Vitara will manage almost 50mpg which is terrific. 

Oh, and here’s a word you don’t often find when it comes to small SUV Crossover cars:


Suzuki has a knack of making their cars really sweet to drive, and the Vitara is no exception. It feels quicker than the 9.5 seconds 0-60 dash would suggest. We like the gearbox too - the ride is sufficiently well controlled for you to push on or just take it easy. 

Our suppliers offer the SZ-T model to ensure you get a really high standard of equipment. Hop inside and you’ll spot satellite navigation, air conditioning, cruise control, rear parking sensors, DAB radio, 7-inch touchscreen, rear privacy glass, and Bluetooth.

Outside you’ll find powerful LED headlights, auto wipers, powered and heated door mirrors, and really smart alloy wheels.  

The Suzuki Vitara is also surprisingly roomy, it’ll be a perfect family holiday car or commuter-mobile. The boot is a decent size too and will swallow a week’s shopping on your way home from the school run.

Something else we like about the Vitara is that it looks different to the plethora of other small SUVs. There’s a dash of chrome here and there which make it look leagues ahead of the competition.

It’s fun, it’s incredibly reliable, and it just works.

Buy your own Suzuki on subscription on our marketplace.

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