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SEAT Leon Review

SEAT was launched in the UK as a brand which has a sporting soul. In those days it was marketed as an alternative to its parent Volkswagen range…a bit like a VW with attitude. That was back in the mid 1980s, but nowadays SEAT doesn’t need VW any longer.

Their models are full of character and style.  Take this Seat Leon for example. With a 1.0 litre 130bhp engine you end up with a happy blend of power, performance and economy. Go easily and you’ll crack 50 mpg without too much bother. 

You can sense the SEAT DNA because this Leon is great fun to drive. Okay, it’ll happily paddle around as a family workhorse but it also means it’s hugely rewarding for anyone covering long distances. 

The Look

As a affordable hatchback, this is one of the most luxurious cars you can get. The curves are designed so smoothly, and with delicate precision, it's going to be hard to find a better looking car at such a great price.

The front headlights are particularly delicious, and the LED rear headlights make this car unmissable at night. In the end, SEAT have designed a hatchback that has a presence a lot bigger than it's dimensions, and they achieved it through superior design that you can only get from SEAT. 

What about the features? 

The Leon has a purposeful stance. It looks seriously smart in SE Dynamic trim with 17-inch alloy wheels, sat nav, parking sensors, powered windows and mirrors, air con, DAB radio, dark tinted rear windows and a 10-inch colour display which controls just about everything. The LED headlights are brilliant and make night driving less stressful. 

Is it practical?

The Leon is also deceptively roomy. You can get 3 adults in the back without any trouble, and you can say the same about the boot with 380L of space, you can be assured you won't get that from a Ford Focus, or a Vauxhall Astra.

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