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Why does driving your dream car have to be so difficult? 

Here's a 6 Luxury Cars you can subscribe to today.

Buying or Leasing your dream luxury car is so complex, the pricey upfront fees and hidden costs make it a burden. It never feels like the right time to buy or lease your favourite luxury car but now it’s stupidly simple because Wagonex provides an alternative to ownership and leasing with a monthly subscription that makes the whole process simple and transparent.

You can choose from a range of luxury vehicles directly from our online marketplace and how long you want it (1 to 24 months), we check you are who you say you are, select your personalised insurance package and then decide on whether you want it delivered or not. Completely stress-free, without a pestering salesmen and everything in one simple checkout.

How much easier could you want it? 

We love cars as much as you do and it fills our team here at Wagonex with so much pride to see people getting their dream car on subscription.

We took on the challenge of selecting our favourite luxury cars at Wagonex and whittled them down to our top 6. See who made it below!  

BMW X7 40D M sport 


The BMW X7 is that statement car. Take your chances arriving with this to a party, because this Beemer is a show-off!

It’s a delicious cocktail of sheer size, uncompromised comfort and a dash of practicality. 

With 5 doors and 7 seats, it’s perfect for a big family and since it’s basically a beefy limo you can make it a bit of a spectacle every time you drop your kids off. Overall, a great luxury car.

Price: Available for £2568 on a rolling monthly subscription

Weight: 2545 kg 

Top Speed: 152 mph

Fuel: Diesel

Take a look at the amazing benefits of BMW on subscription. Read this.

Jaguar I-Pace Estate 400 HSE

Jaguar i-Pace 01

Take your seat in this Jag and you’ll be taken to the future of electric excellence. It’s elegant, futuristic, spacious and agile. We know your car says a lot about you, and you might just have it all if you drive this beauty of a car. 

This car is an effortless cruiser, just press a button and it's off, no waiting for it to rev up, you just GO! Plus, it's a near-silent ride, something we're not used to saying about a Jaguar, and it's all thanks to it being electric powered. Pretty neat.

Take a closer look at the Jaguar I-Pace in our complete review here.

Price: Available for £1638 on a rolling monthly subscription.

Weight: 2208 kg

Top Speed: 124 mph

Fuel: Electric

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Tesla Model 3 03-1

Underneath the unique, sporty design is the ambition of a better, greener world. The car is in a class of its own. Why? Because It might be the only car that is more fun to play in than drive, and with self-driving capability, you can enjoy both. The Tesla 3 is one of the most popular cars here at Wagonex.

Take a closer look at the Tesla 3 in our complete review here.

Price: Available for £1598.86 on a rolling monthly subscription.

Weight: 1847 kg 

Top Speed: 144 mph

Fuel: Electric

Audi Q4 E Tron Estate


The Audi Q4 is a fusion of sleek style, a big presence and a futuristic interior. It’s an illustration of Audi’s mastery from the SONOS sound system, to the 10.1-inch touchscreen and it’s powered by electricity, basically everything you could want in a luxury car.

The Audi Connect app makes it simple to check your battery range ahead of your journey, monitoring your charging status and remotely starting climate control, so you won’t be waiting for your car to warm on ice-cold mornings.

Price: Available for £1426.56 on a rolling monthly subscription.

Weight: 2640 kg 

Top Speed: 99 mph

Fuel: Electric


Browse our range of Audi, here.

Mercedes GLE 300d AMG Line


Looking for a Giant on the Road? You’ve found it. It’s 2.2 tonnes, with 20-inch tyres. It’s a mix of beauty and beast because its sheer size is complemented by good looks from every angle.

It’s as big on the inside as it is on the outside and the ride is so relaxing, it makes going from A to B about the journey, not the destination. 

Price: £1775 on a rolling monthly subscription. 

Weight: 2920 kg

Top Speed: 139.8 mph

Fuel: Diesel


Browse our complete range of Mercedes.

Mercedes GLC coupe 300d AMG Line Premium 


The Mercedes GLC Coupe is for the person who wants all the benefits of an SUV with a compact design. It’s more sporty than the classic Mercedes GLC, with a lower roofline but astonishingly is still slightly wider and longer, it results in a car that has a high driver’s seat but has a better feel than your standard SUV. 

When you take your seat it feels like your own private cabin, with the timeless Mercedes interior finish and innovative technology to complete your driving experience.

Price: £1318.98 on a rolling monthly subscription

Weight: 2530 kg

Top Speed: 145 mph

Fuel: Diesel

All these vehicles are available on Wagonex’s marketplace, see our complete range here.

Wagonex is an alternative to ownership and leasing in a flexible, all-inclusive monthly subscription, making it simple to drive your favourite car for 1 to 24 months.

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