Van Subscriptions: Offering Flexibility in an Uncertain World

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and three national lockdowns, many businesses are reassessing the way they manage their vehicle fleets in a more uncertain world.

Stay-at-home orders saw car traffic levels slashed by nearly 25% over their 2019 levels, and while internet shopping kept delivery drivers busy across the country, van traffic still fell by more than 9% to its lowest level for five years.

But even in the post-pandemic world, variations in demand will continue to play havoc with a fleet manager’s plans. Seasonal spikes and the inexorable slide towards Christmas create huge fluctuations in-vehicle needs, but no business can afford to invest in a new fleet of vans only to have them parked idle for much of the year, costing them money rather than out there earning it.

Vehicle subscriptions allow businesses to conquer these challenges, and to turn them into a competitive advantage.

By side-stepping the inflexible financial commitment of traditional purchasing routes, a Wagonex subscription turns a vehicle into a resource that a business can turn on and off like a tap.

New vehicles can be ordered online in minutes and delivered to your premises in days. Subscriptions run from one to 24 months or, for the ultimate in flexibility, you can choose a rolling month-to-month subscription for when the requirements are more uncertain.

Everything is provided to get you and your business up and running, from maintenance and servicing to road tax – even breakdown cover is included. There are no balloon payments or huge deposits; all you need to add is fuel.

Should a business’s needs change, rather than having to go to the trouble and expense of selling unwanted vehicles and purchasing new ones, a Wagonex subscription allows an entire fleet to be restructured, adapting to the business as and when changes happen.

That means a new business can start out with a cost-effective small van and upgrade to a larger model as the business takes off, while established firms can quickly expand their fleet in response to the needs of their clients.

It’s the flexibility to adapt that means Wagonex subscriptions are proving their worth to commercial fleet operators across the country, and are doing so with the added benefit that long-term financial commitments that would previously lock a business in are now completely avoided.

Browse our range of vans, here.

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