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Wagonex are proud to be a part of the electric revolution, offering a stunning and expansive range of EVs. From your first EV to your latest upgrade, we have the best electric van for you.

We work with our partners nationwide to supply electric vans on subscriptions starting from only one month to three years. 

So take a browse of our electric, all-inclusive vans and choose the perfect model to take on subscription today.

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your_car_icon Our range of electric vans

With an electric van, one of the most important decisions is deciding on factors such as the range you can get from the battery and the speed of charging. There are numerous options available and the flexibility of subscription means its never been easier to give them all a try. There is really no need for you to settle for just one.  

The UK has one of the most extensive charging networks in Europe and includes everything from fast-charge facilities to overnight charging units ensuring you are always ready to go.

You can secure your own electric van, for personal or business use from our marketplace. 


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