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Locating EV Charging Stations | A Guide by Wagonex

Electric car sales increased by a huge 186% in 2020, it’s clear that drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles and at Wagonex, we’ve seen a huge uptake in our all-electric options – with the Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 all proving particularly popular on vehicle subscription.

The latest crop of EVs are better than ever, meaning range anxiety is a thing of the past for many drivers but there’s an extra step you can take to make going electric even easier.

New ‘car charger location’ apps are here to help you pinpoint the closest place to charge your car. Great for finding suitable points along your route, these apps will also help you avoid wasting time or battery life looking for suitable chargers.

We’ve gathered three of the best electric vehicle apps available to download now…


Over 500,000 electric vehicle drivers are already using Chargemap to take the stress out of longer journeys. Around 300,000 locations are listed on the app, with information about suitability and availability readily available through the system. Users can search by specific location or route, and whether the charger in question is already in use. There’s also the option to add reviews, photos, and even new charging locations that aren’t currently listed.


Particularly popular amongst Tesla drivers, PlugShare describes itself as ‘the world’s largest EV driver community’. Over 400,000 charging points are listed across the globe, and users can also pay for their visits through the app itself. PlugShare also includes its own route planner function, helping you determine the most effective way to reach your destination.


With over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play store, ChargePoint is the most popular solution on our list. Not only will this app provide data on charging history and total cost through your account, but you can also use your phone or wearable device for contactless payment at charging stations. Advice is also available from fellow EV drivers on the top-rated chargers for your vehicle, helping you to avoid any wasted journeys.

Learn more about driving electric on subscription by clicking here.

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