Range Rover Sport Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

Here at Wagonex, we’re always keen to bring you the latest motoring news and also give you a hint as to what may be appearing on our subscription lists in the future.


One of the most popular groups of cars amongst Wagonex customers is large, premium brand 4x4s… like the BMW X5, BMW X7, Audi Q5 or Mercedes EQC and GLE.


We can’t promise anything just yet, but how about this little…or rather large actually…beauty.


Range Rover New 2022 Launch


It’s the 5th generation of the Range Rover…and we were at the UK launch to review it


Okay, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we reckon this is the best-looking Range Rover ever.

The previous model looked a bit bulky, especially at the rear, but not so with this one. It’s smooth and sleek and the lights only appear from behind their dark lenses when you need them.


Oh, and it’s not an update…this is a brand new model from the ground up.


Arguably the two most important models in this latest Range Rover aren’t here yet. They’re a pair of plug-in hybrids...the PHEVs. They’ll arrive in about 6 months…and then in early 2024, there’ll be the fully electric model Land Rover.


We reckon the plug-in version will manage close to 70 miles on battery power alone and their research shows that 75 per cent of Range Rover owners will do that sort of mileage as a daily commute.


Interior New 2022 Range Rover Sport


At the moment, we have a pair of 3.0 litre 6-cylinder diesels developing either 295 or 345 bhp…or a pair of petrol units which are vastly contrasting….there’s a 395bhp 3.0 litre 6 cylinder unit or a thumping 4.4 litre V8 which churns out 523bhp.


In terms of body style you can go for short or long-wheelbase…..the long wheelbase gives you 7 seats.


There was only one model at the launch…it was the bigger of the two diesels … but the first thing that really strikes you is how quiet it is. To be honest it’s the one we’d go for because you get a terrific blend of economy, power and refinement. Land Rover reckon you can get around 35mpg which, bearing in mind the size and weight of this vehicle, is not too bad. There's a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds.


Every Range Rover is littered with safety kit and the sort of stuff that’ll help you tow a horse box, reverse a boat into a lake, climb Everest…but it’s main duty is likely to be something along the lines of getting you and some mates to the best restaurant in town, the theatre or deepest Kensington.


Specifications and Features of the Range Rover Sport 2022


Every Range Rover comes with permanent 4 wheel drive of course; 4-wheel steering which actually makes this big car feel surprisingly nimble; air suspension and there’s even a scanner at the front which spots a pothole or a bump in the road ahead and prepares the suspension to adjust accordingly. Clever huh?


New Range Rover 2022 Sport


We’ll not go through the list of kit that comes as standard, but let’s just say that you get everything you could possibly need.


Prices start at a shade over £99,000, but the top-of-the-range V8 tip the scales at over £200 grand. Ouch.


Yes, the new Range Rover is expensive. Yes, it will go places where a mountain goat would think twice. However, here's the really good news. This is one of the best luxury cars currently available. It’s an engineering colossus.

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