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Subscription has transformed many industries over the last decade and is set to make owning a vehicle a thing of the past. Whilst for many, this may seem a way off, we are seeing a growing number of consumers looking for alternatives to ownership or long term lease hire or purchase for their next car.

Wagonex offers you a vehicle on a flexible digital contract with everything included, and your brand new car can even be delivered straight to your door. We keep our deposits low and refundable so that you can get behind the wheel of your dream car as easily as possible.

Whether you are simply looking to try an electric vehicle before you buy one, or don't want to be tied to the same vehicle long term, we explore these many benefits here.



Wagonex was founded when our founder asked one day, “Why can’t I have a convertible in the hot summer, but an SUV for the depths of winter?” It seemed like there was no simple solution for this problem, and so we made sure that when we designed the Wagonex platform, we kept this in mind.

Wagonex vehicles typically start from a one month subscription, although they can be taken out for as long as three years. This means that when life changes you can change your car of choice with it. Life moves quickly, and Wagonex moves with you.

A small car seems sensible when it’s just you, but when a partner, kids, dogs, and more come along you’ll very quickly need to upgrade your car to make room! Equally, this can go the other way and as adult children start to move out you may want to upgrade to flashy convertible for weekend breaks and holidays. Want an SUV to take the family camping? Just swap for a month! Want to impress a business client? A high value Tesla for a month will do just that!

Wagonex makes this simple, by utilising our short term contracts you can scale up (and down) your car as and when you need it.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Wagonex is an online platform, and while our partners maintain their showrooms, we keep everything at the touch of a button. The price you’re quoted at checkout is all that you have to pay, and you can plan accordingly.

This means that road tax, MOTs, roadside assistance, maintenance, and everything else is taken care of in your one price with no hidden costs or fees. What you see is what you get, you just need to add fuel.

And don’t forget, if you take our insurance at the same time as your vehicle through Wagonex, then we can secure a competitive rate for you from only a few extra questions.


Delivery or Collection?

You have full control over how your new car arrives. If you’d like to have it delivered directly to your front door then we can arrange that for free in almost all cases.

However, some of our users still like to go to their local dealership to pick up their new cars, and we fully support this. Our partners will be very happy for you to visit their showroom for a nose around and a cup of tea!


Try Before You Buy

Some who take out a Wagonex subscription do so for the long term, and stick with their car for years at a time, however many like to take a different approach.

We find that Wagonex is the perfect way for you to try out an electric or hybrid vehicle for a month or two, to see if it suits you. EVs are coming, and almost all manufacturers have brought one out, however only a small minority of drivers have even sat in one before they bought theirs. With Wagonex we open the door to EVs and hybrids, so that you can be sure that you’re equipped and ready for an EV in your driveway.


Paperless and Digital

A major benefit of car subscription is that everything is done digitally.

This means that there are no more cases of scrambling around the house for your car’s paperwork, or your contract - everything is kept only a click away. And speaking of paperwork, everything can be signed in one go, so long gone are the days of signing dozens of documents when all you want is to get behind the wheel of your new car!

With Wagonex, the only document that you need is your contract, everything else (from credit check, to insurance documents) are taken care of during check out. This is much more secure and convenient for everyone involved, especially you!



There is a misconception that car subscriptions are overly expensive, however this isn’t correct at all.

Modern leasing often requires 10-16 month’s worth of payments upfront as standard. We all know that this isn’t reasonable, and so Wagonex pledged to be different. Instead, we offer a refundable deposit, which you claim back at the end of your subscription period, and keep this as low as possible.


So overall, it’s clear that subscription is a sensible choice for any number of drivers - could you be next to have your car on subscription?

Take your next step, and search our marketplace for your next car, click here!

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