BMW X3 Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

First impressions

BMW has had terrific success with its X models and we reckon the X3 is one of the best, bearing in mind that there’s also a BMW X4, X5, X6 and X7. It’s tempting to assume that the X3 is small. It isn’t. It fits into the large SUV category and will be big enough for most users with 5 seats. 

One of the most popular models in the X3 range…indeed one of the most popular BMWs overall…is this one, the X3 xDrive 2.0i M Sport. 

The engine

Power comes from a 2.0 litre petrol engine which develops 184bhp. Everything goes via an automatic gearbox which feeds an all-wheel drive transmission. Go easily and you’ll manage 36.7mpg. Needless to say that, because it’s a BMW, this X3 is wonderful to drive managing to get that happy blend of sporting agility with comfortable ride. 

Up front you’ll love the sports seats. They’re supportive yet seriously comfortable. Long journeys won’t leave you feeling tired and achy. There’s also a high driving position which makes the X3 easy to use in terms of visibility and manoeuvrability. There’s a Tardis effect in that you feel roomy on the inside but, thanks to the fairly angle exterior, you can easily place the X3 on tight roads and in town traffic. 


No surprises when you clamber inside to find a premium interior in terms of build quality and standard of kit. Sat nav, climate control, leather upholstery, powerful LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors, automatic tailgate, cruise control with auto brake function, and the excellent M Sport body kit which gives the X3 a seriously purposeful appearance, all come as standard. 

Do we recommend it? 

Yes. If you can afford it, it's a great car. SUVs are so practical you can see why it feels like almost every car on the road in the UK is an SUV. You can drive in comfort, style and luxury while having a huge boot, more space for children and a higher driving position. It's a no-brainer to get this SUV in your garage.

You can try this car out for a few months instead of a few years. If that sounds attractive to you, the BMW on subscription could be for you.


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