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Audi Q3 Review | A Comprehensive Car Review by Wagonex

Have you recently been in an Audi? No? Well if you think that the likes of BMW and Mercedes are builders of the best premium cars, think again. Audi has got its act together in a seriously impressive way. Build quality is outstanding. ‘Honed from granite’ comes to mind. 

Take the Audi Q3 for example. It looks solid. It feels solid. It oozes quality. 

And it is a fabulous car to drive. 

What features come with the Audi Q3 S-Tronic?

The Wagonex Audi Q3 is the TDi S-Tronic version. This means it comes with a powerful 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine which gives you a brisk 0-60 time of 9.3 seconds matched to an excellent fuel economy figure of 52.3mpg. S-Tronic means the gearbox is a 7-speed automatic which gives you the option of leaving things alone to let the gearbox change gears for you, or you can shift up and down the gears using paddles behind the steering wheel as per Formula 1 cars. 

You get an excellent level of specification. Every Q3 comes with sat nav, air con, powered windows and exterior mirrors, Bluetooth, tyre pressure monitor, powered tailgate, really smart colour touch screen, DAB radio and handsome alloys. There’s a plethora of safety equipment too. 

However, the latest Audi Q3 available on Wagonex also comes with an additional Comfort & Sound pack. This means you get park assist, reversing camera, a superb Bang & Olufsen audio system and heated front seats. It’s one of those packs that simply make the car feel a whole lot more special.  

What can you expect from the interior of the Q3?

The latest Audi Q3 gives you loads of interior space. Two chunky adults will be comfy in the back. You can also adjust the amount of carrying capacity because the rear seats can be slid forwards to increase the boot space. It makes you wonder why every manufacturer doesn’t do that. 

Is it good to drive?

Out on the road, the Q3 is a joy to drive. It will even cope with some rutted tracks or slippery surfaces thanks to clever traction control. Every Audi seems to have a sporty nature built in as standard which means that you can push in with confidence. 

When it comes to SUVs (sport utility vehicles), Audi is up with the best. The Q3 is big enough to give you the confidence of a 4x4 while still being sufficiently compact to cope easily with town traffic. 

It’s also extremely smart and will happily grace any driveway or company car park. 

Experience the benefits of Audi on subscription.

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