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The flexibility to ensure that your car can grow as your family does.


your_car_icon Family vehicles with Wagonex

We believe your car should be able to change with you as your life changes. This is why subscription provides the perfect option for new and growing families. Scale up or down as your family needs require. 

We work with our partners nationwide to supply a range of family cars on subscriptions starting from only one month to three years. 

So take a browse of our all-inclusive family vehicles and choose the perfect model to take on a subscription today.

your_car_icon Our range of family vehicles

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have breakdown and maintenance included with every subscription car. Leaving you to decide on important factors such as safety, efficiency, and reliability. 

Our range of family cars includes the Audi Q5 Sportsback, the BMW X5, or the Land Rover Discovery. We have a complete selection which caters to all your preferences, from fuel type to colour of your car.

Browse from our partner's list of makes and models and find the car that's right for your family today. From getting enough room in the back for a car seat or a team of budding footballers. 



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