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Discover a range of flexible, all-inclusive Suzuki cars

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your_car_icon Suzuki with Wagonex

Suzuki is the brand for the everyday working man or woman. Cars built for a comfortable work commute, or for the off-road adventure.

The Jimny is an example of Suzuki's ambition to create unique cars which multiple functions, it's a two-door off-road car that can cause a stir at the supermarket, and fit all your shopping with a huge boot, and you can just easily take this off-road. Whatever you do in it, it's guaranteed fun. 


your_car_icon Suzuki with Wagonex

There's a Suzuki for every season and every person. With Wagonex, you can simply swap your model for something a little smaller, or bigger. Subscribing to a car gives you control over what car you drive, and when. It's the most flexible way to drive. 

Without paying a lump sum upfront everytime you secure a new car, you can easily swap your car, extend your subscription or cancel. It's all in your hands.

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