Wagonex was born out of the frustration caused by buying cars or being stuck in long-term leases.

Some of our team have been around long enough to have owned many cars. Others are young enough to never want to own one.

We asked ourselves and our customers one question: Why do we still borrow huge sums of money on a long-term commitment to pay interest on buying cars that lose value the second you drive them away?

Not one of us could give a rational answer that made any sense. Our solution? The Wagonex platform!

Life for Wagonex began in Shoreditch, East London. The team is growing and our head office has grown to Cardiff, Wales

For a number of years we have wrestled with every single stereotypical start-up story possible (we should write a book one day). We always embrace challenges and make sure to celebrate the milestones heartily. The whole team are extremely proud of our achievements and we can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

Wagonex is privileged to work with more than a handful of global vehicle manufacturers.

Being able to have a car for a month and switch whenever you choose through subscription is incredible. The ability to have an SUV for the winter and convertible for the summer was our dream and is now a reality. Our team is very excited by the potential Wagonex has to make a difference in a huge market that is witnessing dramatic change.

Our team

Toby Kernon

CEO & Founder

Ella Hastings

Chief Operating Officer

Leon James

Chief Technology Officer

Romesh Jeyaseelanayagam

Chief Financial Officer

Liz Moore

Head of Operations

Oliver Thomas

Head of Brand & Public Relations

Meg Hill

Operations & Accounts Manager

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