Car Subscription is the Future of Flexible Vehicle Ownership

Here's a few reasons why your next car should be on subscription


What is Car Subscription?

Car Subscription is the best way to drive. It's simple, transparent, and flexible!

car_icon-1 Simple

With subscription, everything is included in one monthly subscription. This means you know what you're paying, and when you're paying it. 

Insurance can be included, and all subscriptions come with maintenance, roadside assistance, road tax, and service fees all included.

No fuss, no hassle, it's just that simple.

car_icon-1 Transparent

With a car subscription, there are no hidden costs, balloon payments, or large upfront deposits to pay. 

Unlike other models of ownership, you just hand back the car when you are done, and choose what to drive next.

car_icon-1 Flexible

If you need a bigger car for a roadtrip, or want to try out an EV, you can swap and change your vehicle to suit you.

Car subscription is the most flexible way to drive, giving you a soft-top for the British summer, and an SUV when the rain clouds start appearing. It's all possible with car subscriptions.


What's included in my subscription?

tick-1 Maintenance

tick-1 Full Roadside Assistance

tick-1 Road Tax

tick-1 Optional Insurance

tick-1 Service Fees

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4 Easy Steps with Wagonex

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Personal Details

Fill in your personal details, including name, age, and address. It's quick and secure to scan your identity documents so that we can verify it's you.

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Insurance Quotation

Our fully automated insurance engine means we offer a tailored insurance product with all subscription vehicles. You’re in charge of your insurance.

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Payment Information

Your subscription is charged using a direct debit; enter your account details to set up your monthly subscription.

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Sign Contract

Your contract is digital, secure, and easy to digitally sign before it is sent to our partners for their signature.

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What is car subscription?
Car subscription is an all-inclusive way to own and drive a car. Wagonex offers car subscriptions for between 1 and 24 month. Car subscriptions include everything from roadside assistance, maintenance, road tax, and offer competitive accompanying car insurance.

Are car subscriptions new?
Wagonex was the first business to offer car subscription in the UK, since 2016, and they have been rising dramatically in popularity since then.

Is a car subscription expensive?
The price of a car subscription depends on how long the subscription is and which car you want. Take a look at our range to get more information.

Is subscription the same as a lease or renting?
No, car subscription is different to a lease, as they are typically shorter term. They're also different to rentals, which are shorter term. Car subscriptions also come with more bonuses than leasing or rental, such as insurance or maintenance. 

Are car subscriptions worth it?
Car subscriptions can work out cheaper than alternatives because they are all-inclusive. This means in some cases subscription can be extremely cheap.

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My first experience of having a subscription car has been through Wagonex and I am delighted with the service I have received. From the beginning, the online digital process was really simple and efficient and the car was delivered in perfect condition with no hassle. The customer service and quick responses to queries during the contract have been excellent. I highly recommend this flexible arrangement through Wagonex.

Linda with a DS 7 Crossback