The Volkswagen ID.3 

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your_car_icon Volkswagen I.D3 Specifications

Range? 260 miles.

Charging speed? At home, it will take around 8 hours, but at a rapid charging station, it will reach 80% in 33 minutes.

Top speed? 99 mph.

0-60 mph? 7.2 seconds.

Power? 110 KW, or 148 hp.

Boot Space? 385 L or 1,267 L with the seats folded.

Transmission? Single-speed, automatic.

Small-27513-ThenewID.3 (2)
BMW 3 Series 340d The Perfect Electric Family Hatchback

The VW I.D3 gets almost everything right. A city hatchback or a family SUV? Who knows, because it can do both.

On the face of it, it looks like an electric Golf, but it's better. Bigger boot, better tech, and good for the planet.

Driving this car on the motorway is a literal breeze. The electric power provides stability, comfort, and a bit of unexpected oomph. It's the perfect car if you're looking to try out an EV, and with a short-term subscription, it's never been as easy to get your hands on one.

As a family-sized electric car, the Volkswagen ID.3 is one of the best.



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