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your_car_icon Why choose a Seat?

A Seat car subscription is an affordable, flexible package.

You no longer have to be a car owner to drive a car whenever you want, and with the stylish Seat range being part of our subscription fleet, you can rest assured that no matter what you need in terms of a vehicle, we’ve got it for you.

A Seat on subscription makes a lot of sense. After all, you only need to pay one monthly fee and you get the car, roadside assistance, maintenance, and more all included.

Subscription isn't like owning a vehicle where you lose money the second you've purchased it, and instead of driving a car for half a decade like a lease, you can subscribe for as short as a month. 

The only extra is fuel. Even when the initial term is up, you can extend it if need be. Or you can pick a different model or simply hand the vehicle back. (5)
your_car_icon Seat Car Subscriptions

Seat cars always perform well in reviews. Whether it’s the Ateca, the Leon, or the Arona – all of which we have available on a car subscription – these cars are known for their excellent safety record and reliability.

No matter whether you’re looking for the ideal family car in the Ateca or the perfect little run around with the Leon, Seat’s long history of excellence (it’s been around since 1950) proves you’re making the right choice.

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