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your_car_icon Why choose a Kia?

Take out a Kia car subscription if you want a reliable vehicle for the city and country. Kia is known for making cars that are functional, you can choose from slick saloons like the Kia Forte or meaty four by fours like the Kia Sorento. Regardless of what Kia model you choose you can be confident you are choosing a practical vehicle that adheres to quality standards without breaking the bank.

The new range of Kia’s on subscription gives you tons of choice. Although they have a reputation for practicality, they are ideal for urban settings and are available in EV and hybrid versions – it’s the best brand you’ll subscribe to this year.

Kia Niro hybrid 03
your_car_icon Kia Car Subscriptions

Car subscription comes without the overheads or the depreciation you get when you buy a vehicle outright. Instead, for a monthly subscription fee, you will get a high-quality Kia car, roadside assistance, maintenance costs, and lots more added extras as standard.

A Wagonex Kia subscription is similar to leasing the vehicle but instead you only a small refundable deposit, and you can drive a Kia for as short as a month.

You pay a flat subscription fee for the car and that includes everything. 

Our subscription fleet of Kia includes: (15)-1

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