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How does a Business Subscription work?

Get on the road with a business subscription in a few simple steps

Create a business account

Create a Business Account

When you join Wagonex and create an
account choose 'business' from the dropdown

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Request your Business vehicle

Choose from a range of vehicles and complete our online checkout. The vehicle supplier will then review your request.


Get on the road

We'll update you at every step via email. Once approved and delivered, just sit back and enjoy your vehicle!

Business Car Subscriptions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions to help make the process easier

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Who is eligible?

You're more likely to be approved if you've been trading for 3+ years. You need a Company Name, Registration Number, VAT Number and Company Address to apply.

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Can I apply as a new business?

If you have been trading for less than 3 years, browse here to see the vehicles you can request. To be accepted, some suppliers may require a directors guarantee.

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What checks are carried out?

Company credit checks are performed by the vehicle supplier to verify your business and it's financials. The driver will be asked to complete an identity check.

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How does it work for tax deductions?

When it comes to tax payments for your business, a monthly car subscription payment can often be more straight forward compared to traditional car leasing.

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Can my employer pay?

Yes, you'll need permission and their card details to do this when you're completing your vehicle request. Each vehicle taken out will need an account.

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Can I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, VAT Invoices can be provided by the vehicle suppler if you're a registered VAT business.

What is a business car subscription?

Subscription is a flexible alternative to financing and leasing. With Wagonex, you can compare vehicles from a range of trusted industry suppliers to find a great subscription package that suits you or your employees.

Browse Business Subscriptions
Get all of this included

With a subscription you get so much more than a car. Road tax, maintenance, servicing and roadside assistance are all part of the monthly fee. Wagonex can also provide an insurance quote for the driver of your business vehicle.

Make it your choice

Choose from a range of popular vehicles provided by our trusted suppliers. You can select the make, model, fuel type and a mileage package that suits the needs of you and your business.

More flexible

You don't always know what's coming next, with a subscription you can choose a contract from as little as 1 month with the option to extend. Our suppliers also offer longer contracts up to 2+ years, so you can choose a car that fits your needs right now and in the future without being tied into lengthy contracts.