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your_car_icon Why choose a Porsche?

If you always thought that the chance to drive a Porsche on a daily basis was impossible, it’s time to change for a re-think.

A Porsche on subscription might be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a car you can rely on, that looks incredible, and that is sure to turn heads.

Buying a Porsche isn’t something everyone is keen to do – they depreciate quickly, just like any car. However, a Porsche on subscription means you don’t have to consider this issue at all, and you can have complete flexibility when choosing the car you want. We have the 911 and the Macan at your disposal.

As for safety, these cars have it all, from side-impact bars to onboard computers that keep you in your lane. There is nothing that Porsche hasn’t considered, and that’s what makes these cars so attractive.

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your_car_icon Porsche Car Subscriptions

When you enter into a car subscription, you pay one monthly fee and you have exclusive access to your vehicle.

Once the subscription is over, you have a choice; extend it and keep driving your chosen vehicle, start a new subscription on a different car, or walk away with nothing to pay.

The choice is yours. The great thing about a car subscription is that everything is included except your fuel. That means all maintenance issues are in hand, and your roadside assistance is covered too.

You don’t need to worry about a thing, just enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a Porsche on subscription can offer.


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