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your_car_icon A British Legacy

MINI is a brand that has a strong reputation. Their cars are instantly recognisable, boosting a classic British look and an easily distinguishable style. When people think about British cars, chances are they’re thinking of a MINI. Cruise in style with our range of MINIs, from the Clubman to the Seven, there’s a MINI for everyone.

MINI car subscriptions provide an affordable and manageable way of getting the car that you have always wanted.

You get all of the benefits of driving a MINI without having to worry about the risks that come with owning one. 

your_car_icon The Mini fleet

Getting a MINI as a car subscription works like a cross between leasing and renting, without some of the downsides. 

You simply pay a fee every month for exclusive rights to use the car in question. Everything you need will be incorporated into this fee, from roadside assistance to optional insurance. The only thing you are going to need to do is add fuel to make sure you can get from A to B.

Once your time with your MINI comes to an end, you have the option to hand the vehicle back, select another model, or extend your subscription.

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