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Motor Insurance  

Insurance Product Information Document  

Product: Wagonex - Private Car Policy 

Insurer: Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited  

Licenced by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to carry on insurance business under the Financial Services  (Insurance Companies Act) 1987.

 This Insurance Product Information Document is only intended to provide a summary of the main coverage and exclusions, and is not  personalized to your specific individual needs. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information on the product is provided in your policy  documentation. 



What is this type of Insurance 

This Comprehensive motor insurance policy provides cover against loss or damage to your vehicle and for injury or damage caused by your  vehicle. 


What is Insured? 

Cover for your vehicle 

Accident, Theft, attempted Theft or Fire 

Replace locks if keys are stolen 

Repair or replace broken glass 

Permanently fitted audio & communications equipment 

Cover to other people 

Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident

What is Not Insured? 

x Theft if keys left in the vehicle 

x Your vehicle damage if you are under influence of drink/or drugs at the time of an accident. 

x Loss or damage due to incorrect fuel being used  

x Vehicle driven if SORN registered  

x Vehicles without a MOT if one is required 

x Where racing, rallying or driving on a motor sport    circuit. 

 Damage or loss if caused deliberately by you 

Are there any restrictions on cover? 

! Third Party Property damage covered up to £20,000,000 

A policy excess will apply 

! Windscreen cover limited to £75 if you do not use our Windscreen Helpline. 

! Replacement locks covered up to £400 

! Audio / Communications equipment up to £500

Where am I covered? 

Countries within the United Kingdom (UK), and for up to 60 days Comprehensive policy cover in the European Union (EU), Andorra, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. After 60 days, the policy cover is restricted to the minimum cover required by law in the European Union (EU), Andorra, Iceland, Norway & Switzerland. 

What are my obligations? 

- To provide information which is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge. 

- You must report any incident to us immediately. 

- You must report any Theft, attempted Theft or malicious damage to the Police. 

When and how do I pay? 

To the Insurance Broker, Agent or Intermediary who acting on your behalf has placed this insurance with us. 

When does the cover start and end? 

This cover lasts within the dates of cover specified on your policy schedule and Certificate of Motor Insurance. 

How do I cancel the contract? 

Contact us or the Insurance Broker, Agent or Intermediary who acting on your behalf placed this insurance with us. You must confirm the  date and time you wish to cancel and acknowledge that the Certificate of Motor Insurance is no longer in effect from the date and time  requested

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