Wagonex's Embedded Insurance Solution

In 2016, Wagonex made the bet that subscription cars were going to change the automotive industry by providing a better way to access cars that put the customer first. Since then, demand for car subscriptions has accelerated, with subscribers all over the UK enjoying their all-inclusive vehicles.

What did we change about the Automotive industry?

We want to keep evolving the automotive industry for our subscribers, and one way to do that is to change the way people access cars online. We've recently been awarded the 2021 Most Innovative Car Ownership & Insurance Solution from Wealth & Finance International's Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards and we believe we’re the best place to order your car online. Wagonex helps you get behind the wheel quicker and with less stress than ever before.

However, one of the struggles of car subscription as an industry is insurance. Almost everyone else uses fleet insurance, but we knew from extremely early on that this wasn’t right for us.

Fleet insurance isn’t fair for drivers, especially good drivers, and this didn’t sit well with us. As a result, we pushed our tech to the limit and developed the first real-time embedded personalised insurance solution. The only car subscription company to do it, but what exactly is embedded insurance? 

What is embedded insurance?

Embedded insurance is the ability to get insurance without ever having to jump off of our website to call your provider, or go to an external provider. Instead, it makes getting insurance much easier: you get the cover you need, and at the right price.

With Wagonex, you can subscribe to a car through our marketplace, verify your identity, get a personalised insurance quote, and arrange delivery all in one seamless checkout that makes ordering a car as easy as ordering a takeaway! 

How do we create a personalized insurance quote for every customer? 

To remove the hassle of finding an external insurance provider, you have some simple questions that take a few minutes to answer to help our insurance provider instantly generate an insurance package that’s right for you.

Why is it important we ask these questions? 

Wagonex wanted you to be in control of every step of your journey. By asking you questions, we ensure you are provided with an insurance quote that gives you the right protection at a price you deserve. 

Who gets hurt from a fleet insurance policy?

A fleet or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ insurance policy may have you paying over the odds if you are: 

  • An experienced driver
  • A safe driver without any points on their license. 
Wagonex is proud to offer you a personalised quote so you're treated fairly and pay the price you deserve.

Thanks for reading!


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