Packing’s always so simple for a foreign holiday; sling everything in a suitcase, hit the weight limit, squeeze it shut, and away you go.

But when it comes to the good old staycation – the only holiday most of us will be enjoying in 2021 – being able to accommodate everything a British summer holiday throws at you means there’s a tendency to take everything apart from the kitchen sink.

How many holidays have you been on where everyone’s piled high with coats, feet resting on bags that don’t fit in the boot and the item you needed most on the journey has been packed away in the corner of the boot?

The trouble is you may not need a massive car with acres of space for the kids, the pets and the entire contents of your house most of the year. But occasionally you may, and Wagonex makes it easy with short-term subscriptions from as little as a month across a huge array of vehicles large enough for the kitchen sink.

We’ve put together the top 5 family staycation cars available now, to take away your packing headaches this summer...


1) Peugeot 5008

If space, comfort, and value are what you’re after, look no further than the fabulous Peugeot 5008 SUV.

With seven seats, a huge array of tech, and a five-star What Car? rating, it offers everything the holidaying family could need and much, much more.

We particularly like the flexibility of the interior which can be configured in many different ways to make sure everyone travels in comfort.


2) Range Rover Discovery Sport

If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket than the Peugeot, you needn’t look much further than the Range Rover Discovery Sport. 

Few brands have the same pedigree, and the quality of the Discovery Sport makes it easy to understand why. Everything feels upmarket and incredibly well put together.

Seven-seat versions can be a little cramped for those in the back row (probably best for the little ones) but this supremely practical SUV will still swallow huge loads while eating up the miles in comfort. What’s more, it looks fantastic.

Browse our Land Rovers here: Land Rovers with Wagonex


3) Audi A6 Avant

This stunning estate car has the lot – practicality, performance, quality, and looks to name a few.

It’s fabulously comfy for long journeys and really comes into its own on longer journeys. You’ll find yourself arriving just as fresh as when you set off.

The boot’s cavernous and, as you’d expect from Audi, the A6 Avant is a delight to drive.

Browse our Audis here: Audi with Wagonex


4) BMW x3

It may be smaller than the hugely popular X5 but the X3 still packs a mighty punch.

Like the Audi, the typical German quality, precision, and engineering shines through and the whole interior is perfectly thought out for long journeys.

We particularly love the digital display available on M Sport versions.

Browse our BMWs here: BMW with Wagonex


5) Kia Sorento

The days of Kia being seen as a budget option are long gone. Modern Kia’s are up there with the very best around and the all-new Kia Sorento is no exception.

Seven seats come as standard on the new model and every variant has enough on-board tech to put the Star Trek Enterprise to shame.

The eight-speed dual clutch transmission makes the Sorento a dream to drive and passengers will have no complaints on the comfort front.

All-in-all, the Sorento is a great choice for a family staycation.


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