There’s just one thing likely to put a bigger dampener on the average motoring holiday than the great British weather… getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

Yep, while exploring the countryside may sound idyllic, staycationers everywhere will find all hopes of rest and recuperation shattered by their lack of direction.

But imagine being able to quieten the endless cries of “Are we nearly there yet”?’ with ultra-precise answers that take into account live traffic data.

Or what about being able to know for sure  that you’ll be able to pull over into the Welcome Break services for a pit stop in exactly 21 miles.

Better still, imagine the kids listening to their favourite tiktok songs on headphones in the back while playing something completely different up front.

All of this, and much more besides, is available with the right onboard infotainment system. And, in our opinion, few features on a car are more important.

This week we take a look at the cars – all available now on – with the best infotainment systems as ranked by readers of Auto Express in the magazine’s latest Driver Power survey.


1. Skoda Karoq


Skoda’s infotainment system is second to none, with fantastic functionality and a beautiful simplicity that makes it super easy to use.

The 9.2-inch screen is razor sharp, smartphone connectivity works seamlessly, and the audio system on most models is top notch.

Look out for optional extras like wireless phone charging and gesture control to take your in-car entertainment to the next level.


2. Kia Sportage


The infotainment system on the Sportage is scored incredibly highly by owners.

It has everything you’d expect, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all built around a bright and easy-to-use 8” touchscreen.

The split screen homepage is particularly useful, with half devoted to navigation and half displaying other information of the driver’s choosing. 


3. Kia Ceed


Infortainment aboard the Ceed may fall a bit behind some of the others on this list but Auto Express readers still ranked it incredibly highly and it’s ranked as being among the very best in class.

For a more immersive sound, keep an eye out for a model with a JBL sound system.


4. Volvo XC40


Just like bigger Volvo models, the XC40 SUV boasts an infotainment system built around the brand’s stunning 9-inch tablet-style screen.

Graphics and usability are excellent and a wealth of features come as standard - offering sat-nav with traffic info and the ability to send a destination to your car using the Volvo On Call with App smartphone function.

We also love the USB power point in the rear of the cabin and the digital dash display.


5. Kia Niro


The people at Kia really know their onions when it comes to infotainment, scoring a third entry to the Auto Express Driver Power top 5.

Depending on the model you choose there’s either an 8-inch, or much more useful 10.25-inch touchscreen to control the system.

All Niro Niro models come with two USB sockets and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Upgrade to the Niro 4 and you’ll get wireless phone charging, while the Niro 4 also comes with a JBL sound system complete with an awesome subwoofer in the boot.

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