If you’ve ordered a new car or van from your local dealer within the past year, there’s a good chance that you’ve had an email or phone call to say there’s a bit of a problem.

And you’re probably still waiting for your new vehicle to arrive.

Why? Well flick onto just about any car manufacturer website and you’ll get a clue. Invariably a message will pop up on the screen along the lines of...

” Due to a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, we are experiencing supply problems which may lead to longer delivery times than we would expect.”

Yes, despite being the size of a thumbnail, a shortage of these little microchips or semiconductors is causing major problems for car manufacturers.

Guess how many semiconductors are in your average motor?

It’s almost certain to have over 100, but top of the range cars with loads of electric gadgets can easily hit four figures. A handful have over 3000 semiconductors. Modern cars are computers on wheels.

Microchips can’t be replaced by something else. ABS brakes, fuel injectors, power steering, dozens of safety systems, parking sensors, reversing camera, airbags, audio systems, intermittent wipers, direction indicators etc ...are all reliant on chips.

In other words, demand for microchips from the car industry was high.

And then COVID-19 struck.

Car firms were forced to close their assembly lines….but so were the microchip firms. Meanwhile, because more folk are working from home, demand for computers, TVs, webcams and mobile phones soared.

It was a perfect storm. Fewer microchips being made…demand increasing…fewer cars being built. Stellantis, who own Fiat, Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot, Jeep and Alfa Romeo reckon the chip shortage saw them cut quarterly production by almost 600,000 vehicles. Ford announced that wait times for factory built cars could be up to 7 months!

Which is why a Wagonex car subscription could be the solution that's needed.

How Wagonex can help

Of course, we think a subscription car is for everyone, and it doesn’t really matter when you subscribe to a car, you’ll still being amazed by the benefits, but right now we’re one of the few places you can get a car for at least the next 4 months, and who knows if it won’t be pushed back again, and again? 

We’ve been supplying cars to our customers almost every day since 2016, through all the challenges these last few years have thrown at us, and we’re unbelievably proud to do that.


Our range has never been bigger, it's always being refreshed because our suppliers keep adding to our fleet, from Polestars to Fiats to BMWs. There’s a vast selection of sizes and types and you can drive for as short as a month to 24 months. It's up to you!

So beat the microchip wait. Get your new car today with Wagonex.


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