The Volkswagen Transporter has been a favourite of single-user and fleet operators for decades. There are an incredible number of options available in terms of length, height, and carrying capacity as well as engine and gearbox options, but here at Wagonex, we’ve gone for the one which is always rated as being the most popular…the T28 in short-wheelbase form and with highline trim. Power comes from a 2.0 litre 109 bhp 4-cylinder diesel engine using a 5-speed manual gearbox to drive the front wheels. 

In terms of economy and emissions, you shouldn’t be far away from mid-40s mpg while emissions are a reasonable 167g/km CO2. 

As for carrying capacity, the maximum weight is 857kg and the maximum dimensions are 2572mm length and 1410mm height. The total volume is 6.9 cubic metres. Crucially, the floor has very little intrusion from the rear wheel arches so you really can use the load space to its full extent. 

The Transporter is one of those mid-sized vans that will be equally happy hustling around town as it will be dashing along the motorway. However, the massive advantage for the Transporter is the level of driver comfort. You can cover a long distance and still feel relaxed when you arrive. It’s been refined for almost 70 years, since the first edition came out in 1950! The ride is remarkably smooth. The driver also sits in a lofty position which makes for easy manoeuvring around tight city streets. 

There’s a classy feel to the interior. You can tell this is a Volkswagen product. Build quality is outstanding. Any business would be proud to have this vehicle outside their door dropping off a parcel.  

And when you hop into our top-spec Highline model, you’ll be treated to one of the best-equipped vans on the road. Powered windows and mirrors, heated windscreen, climate control, leather-covered steering wheel, remote central locking, additional soundproofing, centre armrest, extra cabin storage, auto lights and wipers, and a high level of safety kit including automatic emergency braking, brake assist, and driver tiredness system. 

In other words, the T28 Transporter from Volkswagen is comfortable, good to drive, economical, and with great carrying capacity, culminating in one of the best vans on the road. 

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