DS7 Comfortably Cruises

Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas

May 19, 2021 4:11:59 PM

If there’s one thing that DS and its Citroen parent company know how to produce, it’s comfortable cars. Put it this way, if you like a car that provides armchair comfort and pampers you on any journey no matter how long, then the DS7 Crossback will be right up your street.  

This is a seriously distinctive, large SUV. It’s incredibly smart. Interior quality is right up there with the premium brands which, of course, is what the DS range is all about.   

There’s loads of room for five adults and everyone sits in comfort. There’s ample carrying capacity for a family heading off on holiday. 

The DS7 Crossback our partners supply uses a 1.6 litre diesel engine which provides effortless cruising. You won’t have any trouble reaching the recommended 47mpg. 

Out on the road, the comfort continues because the DS7 soaks up lumps and bumps. You can also have some fun by switching the driving modes from Comfort, to Normal, and to Sport. The adaptive suspension system reacts by either tightening or easing the stiffness of the dampers and adjusting how quickly the automatic gearbox changes up and therefore hangs onto revs to improve performance. We’d recommend the Comfort setting for town traffic and then move up through the other two when you build speed. 

When you’re on your own, use Sport. If you’ve got a family on board, stick it in Comfort. This is a car that rides really well but will also appeal to the keen driver. It’s flexible, without any compromise.

As for the kit, let’s just say that it comes fully loaded including sat nav. There’s a really smart digital touch screen which controls just about everything. There’s a sense of luxury throughout the cabin. It’s wonderfully stylish. You’ll love the leather seats too. 

We like the DS7 Crossback because it’s different. It looks great either on your driveway, at home, or in the office car park. 

It’s a winner... comfortably.

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