Wagonex is a technology company powering the Automotive Industry into the future.  We’re at the forefront of automotive mobility, leading the way and setting the trend as we bring the capability of subscription to the industry.

As such, Wagonex is proud to offer hybrid and electric vehicles on subscription through our trusted partners . EVs (electric vehicles) are the future and it’s expected that we’ll all be driving one in the next decade - so we make sure to meet the demand! From a Tesla Model X to a Renault Twizy, we have an electric car to suit your needs. 

At the start of 2020, we proclaimed it the ‘Year of Subscription’. And we certainly weren’t wrong! Read more about our initial predictions here. Of course, the first half of 2020 was bizarre for everyone, so we used the opportunity to update our predictions in July. We look at this in more details in this interesting blog post. We found that the global COVID-19 pandemic has actually accelerated the demand for subscription services across all industries, not just in the automotive sector. We’re looking forward to seeing everything that we predicted come to fruition!

What began as an idea born out of frustration with the current system has evolved into a technology platform utilised globally, as we moved from managing the vehicles ourselves to developing our online system for our partners to use to show, promote, and process their stock. 

Our vision of the future is that our partner network continues to grow, offering subscription vehicles for business and personal use around the world. We want to have the largest subscription vehicle marketplace, offering our users unparalleled customer service, flexibility, and simplicity. We aim to be the industry leader, guiding the sector forwards towards digital, sustainable innovation. 

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