Meg is our new Operations & Accounts Manager here at Wagonex. We sat down with her to see how her first month in the role went:

Welcome to Wagonex, it’s been great to have you hit the ground running so strongly. Could you give a little information about your background before Wagonex?

I was most recently at GoCompare, and started out there 7 years ago as a Customer Service Advisor, but quickly moved into a Complaints Handler position. After that I filled a multi-skilled position, primarily looking at sales data and developing relationships with big partners, such as Admiral, Hastings, and BGL Group. 

In 2018 they acquired an energy comparison company and I moved over to this to set up what I had in insurance, in energy. I worked with suppliers and affiliates managing these relationships and the white labels we built them.

Leaving GoCompare was bittersweet, on the one hand I loved the people and the company but I was also looking for a new challenge. 

Why did you choose Wagonex as your next career move?

I heard that Wagonex was looking for an Operations and Accounts Manager, and while I hadn’t worked directly in a startup before, the atmosphere at GoCompare was very startup-y. I knew the industry well and had previously worked alongside some other Wagonex team members, so thought I would apply. The rest is history. 

What were your expectations of working with Wagonex?

I had a range of expectations, all of which were met. One of the huge things was that everyone has fingers in different pies, which is great. In my first week alone I was helping with Product requirements, partners, marketing, and more. Everyone has knowledge of the whole business, so if I ever had a question I could go to anyone and they would have the answers, or at least point me in the right direction.

What was your first day like?

When I arrived at the office, it was great to see that everyone was there to meet me and welcome me into the company. I got a new Macbook pro, which took some getting used to as I hadn’t used one before! We chatted and talked through the company structure, partnerships, and where we see things moving in the future before heading out to a delicious lunch in the centre of Cardiff. 

What’s the average day at Wagonex look like so far?

Crazy! Working with Wagonex is really good, but also extremely busy as you need to know so many different things about how the business operates. It’s been such a good learning experience, and I’m not one to turn down a challenge.

What’s your favourite part of working at Wagonex?

Getting to know and working with such a great team. As we’re currently a hybrid-working company I was worried I wouldn’t get to know everyone, but it’s the opposite. Everyone always makes time for you to help support your growth and there’s a really good vibe, it’s chilled out but also everyone’s focussed to get stuff done.

Is there anything you would improve or change?

I want to build out an internal knowledge base to help with onboarding as we continue to grow. This would reduce the time it takes to get anyone new up to speed.

What does the next 6 months look like for you at Wagonex?

Getting advanced and automated processes in place is a big thing for me, starting with customer service, the phone system, setting up new email inboxes so we efficiently deal with everything… My aim is to help us become the best customer service and operations team out there. That said, I think that people still want to speak to humans, not a chat robot, so there’s some work here too.

What does the next 2 years look like for you at Wagonex?

I’m aiming to build out the partnerships team and to take responsibility for projects and partnerships moving forward.

Anything you’d like to add?

My best bit of advice is if you’re ever looking for a new opportunity, definitely take that leap of faith and see where it takes you.

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