James is our new Digital Marketing Assistant here at Wagonex, joining through the Government Kickstart Scheme. We sat down with him to see how his first two months have gone:

Welcome to Wagonex, it’s been great to have you hit the ground running, and feels like you’ve been here for years already! To kick-off, why did you choose Wagonex as your next career move?

Wagonex is solving a difficult problem within the industry, and I was excited to be a part of that. I was also looking at a range of other options, however, Wagonex had a problem-solving mentality and as marketing is all about telling a story, I felt that the company gave me the best opportunity to do that.

What were you expecting from Wagonex before you met us all?

For the interview, going into it I was assuming that I was going to face a grilling because that’s what you expect from a high-impact startup, however, I was surprised that it wasn’t like that at all. It was really relaxed and everyone was friendly. When it comes to my expectations for working, Wagonex really fit these; I’m trying loads of new things and seeing what I like with access to all parts of the business.

Any highlights over the last month?

I’ve enjoyed the clarity and transparency within the business. In most companies the CEO is inaccessible, but that’s not the case with Wagonex. Everyone has a voice and everyone feels listened to and piles in to find a solution to any problems which arise. No-one is watching the clock tick down until the end of the day, and everyone is giving it their all.

What’s the average day at Wagonex look like so far?

I’m primarily responsible for Wagonex’s social media presence, so there’s some of my day spent preparing and posting content and drafting copy for blogs, press releases, or social posts.

What’s your favourite part of working at Wagonex?

It’s hard to say what my favourite part is, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing behind the curtain and the conversations which go on commercially. I’m always learning new things, both in marketing and across the business. Overall it’s been eye-opening.

Is there anything you would improve or change?

There’s a lot of tech and software to get your head around when you first join, both made by Wagonex as well as product and project management tools. They all have their place, but it was a steep learning curve to get to understand them.

What do the next 6 months look like for you?

I’d like to grow my responsibilities within my current role, and boost my confidence in what I do.

What do the next 2 years look like for you?

I’d like to push the boundary of my problem solving capacity. And I’ll definitely be staying within marketing.

Anything you’d like to add?

Wagonex is a great company if you’re looking to get into startups, with a great culture and range of opportunities.

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