Bruno is our most recent team member to join Wagonex, tackling the position of Business Development Manager. We sat down with him to see how he’s settled in:

Welcome to Wagonex, it’s been great to have you hit the ground running, and to get started so positively! To kick off, why did you choose Wagonex as your next career move?

Ever since I heard of Wagonex, the company’s proposition spoke to me. It’s clear the product is a market leader, innovative, and something that the automotive industry desperately needs. It felt like it was completely the right time to get on board as part of Wagonex’s latest growth.

Wagonex’s culture also attracted me. Every team member seems intelligent and approachable, and you can tell that everyone gives it their all. To be honest, finding Wagonex was beyond what I was hoping for, and I’m proud to be part of the team.

What do you make of subscriptions as a model of usership?

Subscription as a whole is the future, and I expect that we’ll see a significant shift across all sorts of industries towards usership rather than ownership. There are so many benefits for everyone involved. Take the automotive industry - subscription is better for the drivers, being a flexible, accessible, and easy way to get behind the wheel. Not only that, but manufacturers, dealership groups, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can get their fleet on the road much faster and easier. 

Where were you working before you joined Wagonex?

I most recently worked for a company called Autovista, where I worked as a Business Development Manager. It was really good to work there, and I was able to learn all about the automotive industry.

What were you expecting from Wagonex before you met us all?

I didn’t really know what to expect at first, the night before my first day I must have slept for about two hours because I was excited to get stuck in. Then I arrived at the office an hour early - I was so tired when I got home after the first day! I had fairly high expectations of everyone who worked for Wagonex, but my expectations were met and overachieved. I would have loved to have met everyone in person, but virtually meeting them was still great. You could really see that everyone is working towards a common goal.

What’s the average day at Wagonex look like so far?

I’m expecting to spend my time developing new potential partnerships with companies looking to get started with subscriptions. Wagonex offers a range of white label and supplier relationships to all sorts of businesses, so I think I’ll have my hands full! My personal goal is to improve awareness of what Wagonex offers to smaller companies. People think that you have to be an OEM to get your fleet on subscription but that’s not the case at all.

What do you feel will be your biggest challenge?

The automotive industry is huge, and it’ll be impossible to speak to everyone, although I’ll give it my best shot. Otherwise I would say that changes are coming, not just in ownership but with the mass-adoption of EVs, and eventually the introduction of autonomy and connected fleets. Staying up to date and ahead of this will be a tough one.

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