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Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas

Nov 9, 2020 10:48:15 AM

As one of our partners you have the opportunity to add subscription to your existing products, helping you to process your stock and drive incremental, steady revenue by getting your pre-registered, demo, or current stock vehicles working for you.

In addition to the digital customer experience, by using Wagonex's platform you can verify your customers, set up automated credit card payments and paperless direct debit mandates, and create digital contracts with e-signatures to unlock an untapped market and offer your current customer base the product that’s right for them.

Wagonex utilises two digital approaches to help you to provide your customers with a paperless, digital journey. Most of our partners use micro-platforms which we link to your existing online assets and can be used to highlight your best vehicles, explain subscription, and link to your existing customer-base.

Alternatively, we can also offer a bespoke full platform which functions as a fleet management system, helping you get the best out of your subscription offerings.

Both of these options are delivered with your branding, font, colour scheme, and your customers will always remain your customers.

You retain vehicle ownership, you retain the customers, and you have full control over the process.

If you’d like to hear from previous Wagonex partners, feel free to get in touch for a testimonial. We have a track record of launching existing and new brands into the subscription space.

Make best use of your fleet today, and join our partners, start here.

Read our blog to understand more about subscription and Wagonex.

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