Let’s talk about Delivery and Collection of Wagonex vehicles, something which we work extremely closely with our partners to facilitate.

You’ve sped through our simple checkout form, and are left to the last question: would you like to collect the vehicle, or for it to be delivered to your doorstep?


How to collect your new car


Collecting a vehicle from our partners is easy, you simply arrange a date and time and head to their dealership where you’re greeted with a hot mug of tea and the keys. Take a look over the vehicle and don’t be afraid to take your time to make sure that everything’s in order. We want everything to be perfect too!


How to arrange delivery for your car subscription


However, it can alternatively be tempting to have your vehicle delivered directly to your front door. And why not?! Wagonex means that you can get set up with the car of your dreams from the comfort of your sofa, and why would getting the car itself be any different?

Our partners pledge to try to deliver your car up to 50 miles for free, and as we expand our network throughout the country you’ll be pleasantly surprised how few of our subscribers ever pay a penny for delivery.

In the unlikely event that your car is over 50 miles away, there may be a small additional cost per mile for delivery, however we do our best to keep this as a rare possibility. 50 miles is quite a distance, after all!

Because Wagonex processes everything online, once your new car is delivered, all the paperwork has already been sorted. Just take receipt of the keys and the car is all yours.

Feel free to specify contact-free deliveries with our partners, they will be happy to oblige according to your circumstances.


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